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Current entry requirements for Sint Maarten

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Current entry requirements for Sint Maarten


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Exact Current SXM Tourist Entry Requirements

See them in the Covid area of the FILES in our Everything SXM Facebook Group or:

For current information on exactly what the entry requirements are in SXM, please see this site. It’s operated by the SXM government and it also includes individual forms you must fill out online in advance to get advance approval (“Pre-Approval”) to enter the country, and where you also are required to upload your RT PCR negative test results in detail. If you don’t do that, or if you send results in a form that is not acceptable to the island, you will not be allowed to board your flight.

What RT-PCR means; (It is Not “Real-Time”)

“PCR” is an acronym for polymerase chain reaction, and “RT” refers to reverse transcription — NOT “real time”. The only type of test for Covid-19 currently acceptable to the government of SXM is RT-PCR, though most labs simply refer to it as PCR.

Although it is the case that RT-PCR testing is being turned around faster now than it has been, do not confuse it with “real time” or “rapid” tests which are not the same. When in doubt, click the hyperlink in Item a), above, for exact current government requirements.

Finding & Taking RT-PCR Tests in Your Area

You must have a negative RT-PCR test taken less than 120 hours before your departure to SXM. If you’re on a connecting flight, this requirement relates to the departure of the final leg of your trip.

Where do you find a test in your area that will be able to deliver results to you within 120 hours? There are a number of ways to find out. You can ask friends who travel from your area; you can ask people on the site in your community where local people discuss local goings-on (that often works well); and you can also ask your primary care physician (PCP).

Covid tests taken for travel purposes are not always paid for by insurance. You might ask your PCP to send an order in to a local laboratory for a test for you — those will often be covered by insurance and results are very often posted at once, when ready, on the lab’s or hospital’s portal; you can then download those negative results in PDF format.

The SXM Entry Requirements referred to in this section specify what information must be in these reports — things like the name of the lab, lab location, date and time of test, type of test (RT-PCR), your name, and the result of your test. (Look here for complete specifics.) Once you get the negative-result PDFs from the lab for you and all of the people traveling with you, print them out and keep them with all the trip documentation that you will be taking with you — you will need them. You will also need the digital PDF downloaded from the lab that issued the negative results.

More on the Application for Entry into SXM and how the PDF relates to that application is below.

Applying Online for Admission to SXM: What & How, w/ Advice

The government of SXM wants to keep out people who are sick with Covid — that’s what all this is about. You must apply online for admission to SXM once you have negative results of your PCR test.

Go to the same website where you learned about entry requirements, here, to apply for admission. It is absolutely required and if you are not preapproved for admission you will not be able to get on your plane to go to SXM.

The application will take you only a few minutes to complete. It asks for your name, email address, the usual questions about whether you have any Covid symptoms or have been near anyone diagnosed with Covid recently, plus where you plan to stay on the island, among other things. It also asks you for the airline and flight number of your flight departing to SXM. (Remember the 120 hour requirement.) You then submit the application form from the website to EHAS (the electronic system that handles the applications) by clicking a button, with your lab-approval PDF attached. You will usually hear back in a few hours or overnight if you submit the form fairly late at night.

To make sure you get the paperwork approved as quickly as possible, we suggest you get your test taken at least several hours under the 120 hour threshold ahead of the time of your departure to SXM. That should give the laboratory plenty of time to get things to you so you can immediately file the application to get the information to EHAS, which will give EHAS as much time as possible. Their responsiveness is usually excellent.

If two or more people are going, we strongly suggest that you send each application using a different email address — that way, when you report your temperature every day as required after arrival (see below), you will know which person in your party is being asked to reply to a specific email from EHAS.

Overall, though you may be put off by the thought of having to do this, the process is quick, simple, and easy — and as we said the responsiveness is outstanding. Just do it — not a big deal at all.

What to Take With You When You Go (An Important Checklist)

Everything on this list is essential for you to get on your airplane and fly to St. Maarten. You may wish to print this and use it as a checklist before leaving for the airport:

  • Your passport and boarding passes (per usual);
  • Printed negative test results on laboratory stationery (this is the digital PDF form that the lab should send you to inform you of the results of your test); the test results form must include the information specified as required by Sint Maarten EHAS);
  • The Travel Pre-Approval form emailed to you by Sint Maarten EHAS in response to your submission of the negative Covid test (assuming your application is preapproved);
  • A thermometer, which you will need to take your temperature and that of your traveling companions during the first 14 days of your trip.

Reporting Your Condition to EHAS for 14 Days

Once you have arrived in St. Maarten, EHAS will email you a notice with a link to their site. You are required to click the link in their notice which takes you to a very brief online form which asks you to record your temperature and whether you had flu like symptoms that morning before having breakfast. You then click a button in the online form to send your completed results back to EHAS.

The form specifies what day of your vacation the report is for — day one, day two, etc. If you receive an email the following day, follow it just as you did the first day. If you don’t, however, go back to the email you received the first day and click that link again — it will take you to the form you can use to report your condition for day two or subsequent days. You must take your temp each day, and report it to EHAS online each day, which is why we said to take a thermometer with you. The current requirement is that you do this for 14 days. It takes less than 30 seconds each time and is simple, easy, and fast.

During a global Pandemic, SXM is doing everything possible to ensure everyone’s good health.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This guide is prepared from government information sources and is believed current at the time it was assembled. To ensure that you abide by the latest SXM Entry Requirements, carefully read the entire Country St. Maarten EHAS site before you start down the road to be tested and apply for entry. JMB Communications will not be held responsible in any fashion for any reader’s failure to read and abide by current rules applicable when they apply for Entry into SXM.

This document is Copyright, ©, JMB Communications, [P. O. Box 1812, Plymouth, Massachusetts 02362-1812], 2020. Reprinted with permission from the copyright owner.

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