Guide to Residency in Sint Maarten

BrightPath continues to be the most trusted and reliable source for immigration and relocation services in St Maarten and the Eastern Caribbean region.  If you are considering making St Maarten your home and obtaining legal residency on the island, congratulations on making it this far!


Here are some brief points we put together on what you need to know about obtaining legal residency in St Maarten:


1. Source all of your documentation in an organized and timely manner. Although immigration residency programs vary in their respective list of requirements, some items are standard throughout, namely,

    • Birth certificate which must be presented in original and its respective issue date must be within three years. A legalization by a Dutch Embassy or an apostille stamp from the issuing country is a requirement.
    • Police clearance certificate (Certificate of good conduct) is also a requirement for every applicant 16 years of age or older. This document must be in original form and dated within 6 months from date of submission of application.
    • Valid health insurance from a locally licensed insurance agent. If issued from an insurance carrier abroad, evidence of coverage in St Maarten must be substantiated.


2. Moving with family? Consider that if you are relocating with your family, aside from the items above, it is important to include

    • Marriage certificate as well as Divorce/Death certificates from any and all previous marriage(s). These too must be presented in original and its respective issue date must be within three years.  A legalization by a Dutch Embassy or an apostille stamp from the issuing country is a requirement.
    • Locally issued school letter confirming school enrollment. This is applicable to children ages 4 and over.


3. Ensure to have sufficient reserves verifiable by way of bank letter addressed to “St Maarten Immigration & Border Protection Services.” The document must be in original format and an amount must be explicitly stated and dated within 90 days from submission of your immigration request.


4. Hire a trusted and licensed firm to guide you along the way. At BrightPath, we specialize in dedicated immigration advice and services.  It is important to have the right guidance and expertise in order to successfully apply for your legal stay under the right immigration programs and to ensure that you match the required criteria.  For more information on how you can obtain legal residency with BrightPath on the Caribbean island of St Maarten, email us at


Disclaimer:  Our articles are not intended as (legal) advice and do not take your personal circumstances into consideration. BrightPath, its affiliates, and subsidiaries (collectively “BrightPath”) do not accept any liability for damages resulting from using the provided information. We highly recommend you to seek personalized advice from us or before your act or fail to act because of the content of our articles. BrightPath is a privately-owned consulting firm that assists clients with filing applications for residence permits and/or business licenses at the relevant government departments. None of our directors, employees or agents hold or have held any position with the government of Sint Maarten and our service does not provide for any preferential treatment with regards any application. All information provided and statements made only serve to provide you with a general understanding of immigration, residence and business incorporation procedures on Sint Maarten and other territories in which our firm conducts business.

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