How Much Will it Cost to Incorporate a Business in St. Maarten?


Are you ready to invest in ‘the friendly island’ but want to know the cost to incorporate a business in St. Maarten? Keep reading to learn about business incorporation costs in St. Maarten!

Are You Looking to Incorporate a Business in St. Maarten?

There are many benefits to incorporating a business on Sint Maarten. Some benefits include personal asset protection, enhanced credibility, brand protection and deductible expenses.

Incorporating a business in St. Maarten can be costly, so some of the estimated costs (in USD) of business incorporation in Sint Maarten can be found below.

Costs to incorporate a business in St. Maarten:

  • Service Fees: $3,000
  • Notary Fees: $1,500 – $3,000
  • Business and Director License Fees: $2,000
  • Operational License Fee (if applicable): $2,000
  • Labor Registration Fee: $142


If you’re thinking about the costs to incorporate a business in St. Maarten, you should have a minimum budget of USD $6,800 for one business and one director license. Depending on the type of business, such as a restaurant or lounge, you may need an extra operational license, which increases your costs by at least $2000.

If you wish to have more than one managing director, additional fees will apply. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind what type of investment or company you wish to incorporate in St. Maarten and the costs associated with each type of business. BrightPath Caribbean recommends having a budget of USD $6,800 – $10,000 that when incorporating a business in St. Maarten, depending on the type of business being incorporated and the number of managing directors that are to be established.

BrightPath can assist you with your business incorporation in St. Maarten. Contact us today to learn more about business incorporation costs in St. Maarten and residency permit options! You can find us in Simpson Bay at Puerta del Sol Building, Unit #17, you can email us at, or you can call us at +1(721) 526-2771. We look forward to hearing from you!



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