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Learn what is Eenmanszaak or sole propietorship

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Learn what is Eenmanszaak or sole propietorship


What is an Eenmanzaak?

The direct translation of “eenmanzaak” would be one-man-business. Yes, it is exactly as it sounds. An eenmanzaak or a sole proprietorship is simply referring to a person who owns a business and is personally responsible for its debts. This procedure takes place at the Chamber of Commerce while the licenses can be requested and obtained at the Economic License Department.

Is an eenmanzaak liable only for permanent residence & Dutch Nationals?

No, an Antillean born, or Non- Antillean born both can have a sole proprietorship on St. Maarten. The only difference would be that an Antillean born would not need to obtain a director’s license where a Non – Antillean would. An Antillean born would only have apply for a license depending on what industry their company falls under. For example, a local resident would apply for an operational license only if their opening a restaurant, bar, etc.

Can someone with a temporary permit (1 or 3 years) obtain a sole proprietorship?

Yes, temporary residence would be able to apply for sole proprietorship. They would need to request a director license before they can commence the process of opening said sole proprietorship.

Are there any profit tax incentives for a sole proprietorship?

No, a sole proprietorship would pay the same monthly fees to the respective departments such as the Chamber of Commerce, Receivers’ Department and SZV Department (only if there are employees and they are ensured) as the N.V. or B.V.

What are the fees in connection to opening a sole proprietorship?

The fees for both Antillean & Non – Antillean Born is NAF 315 USD 175.00 for registrations at the Chamber of Commerce.

What are the steps in opening sole proprietorship?

Antillean Born (St. Maarten, Saba, Statia, Curacao, Bonaire, Aruba)

  • At the Chamber of Commerce, the individual requesting an eenmanzaak would have to do a name check to see if the name they wish is available for use. 3 chooses for the company name would be requested. The department then informs you via telephone or email the chosen name. no initials can be used for in the desired name choices.
  • The Model A Form that can be filled out via email has to be completed and submitted to the Chamber of Commerce in request for the sole Proprietorship. A digital copy would be submitted via the online portal and a hard copy must be presented to the department to confirm the request.
  • In additional to the hardcopy of the Model A form, a copy of the individuals passport, ID card and detailed census registration form/ G.E.B.E bill (in your name) must be attached to you request.
  • In conclusion to the procedure, the payment of USD 175.00 must be paid to the Chamber of Commerce for the completion of the application.

Non – Antillean Born

  • The same procedure applies for the non – Antillean born, but they must apply for a business license first before the above mention method is executed.
  • After the request is made, a stamped version of the application letter will be returned. This then can be used in the commencement of the sole proprietorship.

Can a sole proprietorship have employees?

Yes, a sole proprietorship can have employees. In the case of finding insurance for the workers, SZV provides insurance coverage for employees, but not for the employer. The employer will then have to apply for private insurance.

Is the crib number of the employer and the sole proprietorship the same?

Yes, the crib numbers remain the same. After requested the crib number for the sole proprietorship at the Tax Department, they will then link the company to the employer’s personal crib number.

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