What do I need to register my Vessel in Sint Maarten?

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Over the past years at BrightPath, our core service and what we are most known for is immigration and relocation to the Caribbean.  Additionally, if you wish to invest or start a business in one of the Eastern Caribbean islands, we can assist with the incorporation and licensing process.

However, did you know that if you are you a vessel owner, have some ties to Sint Maarten and wish to register your vessel for private use in Sint Maarten, BrightPath can best assist you too!

To register a foreign vessel in St. Maarten, you’ll need to pay a visit to the Department of Civil Aviation, Shipping and Maritime Affairs. There, you will submit the required documents and pay any associated fees.


    What documents are required to register a foreign vessel in Sint Maarten?

    1. Ownership established – Bill of Sale (to be Notarized if above $10,000)
    2. De-registration from previous registry
    3. Link of ownership with St. Maarten/St. Martin to be established
    4. Liability insurance
    5. Picture of vessel
    6. Inspection – from a national inspector (to be coordinated by BrightPath)

    Also, if you’re visiting Sint Maarten with your boating crew and wish to obtain entry visas while here, the Team at BrightPath can assist you with this too.


    Do you have any questions?

    Disclaimer:  Our articles are not intended as (legal) advice and do not take your personal circumstances into consideration. BrightPath does not accept any liability for damages resulting from using the provided information. We highly recommend you to seek personalized advice from us or before you act or fail to act because of the content of our articles. BrightPath is a privately-owned consulting firm that assists clients with filing applications for residence permits and/or business licenses at the relevant government departments. None of our directors, employees or agents hold or have held any position with the government of Sint Maarten and our service does not provide for any preferential treatment with regards to any application. All information provided and statements made only serve to provide you with a general understanding of immigration, residence and business incorporation procedures on Sint Maarten.

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