Retirement in Sint Maarten, a top  destination in the Caribbean

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Do you want to retire in the Caribbean, but can’t decide on an island? Keep reading to learn why St. Maarten is a top retirement destination in the Caribbean!

For many retirees, St. Maarten is the best place to retire in the Caribbean! It boasts white-sand beaches, lush green hills, a diverse population, a growing economy, friendly people and a wide variety of delicious food options! Once you visit the island, you’ll understand why St. Maarten is a top retirement destination in the Caribbean!

St. Maarten is a sunny island paradise south of Anguilla composed of two countries – St. Maarten, which is a Dutch territory and St. Martin, which is a French territory.

Facts about St. Maarten

  • Size: 37 square miles
  • Main languages: English and Dutch (official), French, Spanish, Chinese
  • Climate: 27-28°C (81-82°F)
  • Currencies: Dutch guilder, US dollar, euro.

St. Maarten is the ideal place to retire in the Caribbean! To retire in St. Maarten and obtain a pensioner’s permit, you must be over age 60 or have savings of at least USD $255,000. See below for the documents that are required to apply to retire in St. Maarten.

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To apply for a pensioner’s permit to retire in St. Maarten, the following documents are required:

  1. Copy of valid passport (all pages must be copied, with the photo page in color)
  2. Original birth certificate
  3. Original police record
  4. Original marriage certificate (if married)
  5. School registration for any children (if applicable)
  6. A letter of consent or proof of custody of the children, if one of the parents of one or more children is staying in the country of origin
  7. Proof of sufficient income

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After your first year of residence in St. Maarten, to renew your pensioner’s permit, you must make a real estate investment with a minimum value of USD $255,000.


Do you have any questions?

Disclaimer: Our articles are not intended as (legal) advice and do not take your personal circumstances into consideration. BrightPath does not accept any liability for damages resulting from using the provided information. We highly recommend you to seek personalized advice from us or before you act or fail to act because of the content of our articles. BrightPath is a privately-owned consulting firm that assists clients with filing applications for residence permits and/or business licenses at the relevant government departments. None of our directors, employees or agents hold or have held any position with the government of Sint Maarten and our service does not provide for any preferential treatment with regards to any application. All information provided and statements made only serve to provide you with a general understanding of immigration, residence and business incorporation procedures on Sint Maarten.

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