Work Permits and Residency Permits in St. Maarten

Work Permits and Residency Permits in St. Maarten

Wondering if you need a work permit or a residency permit to stay in St. Maarten?


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If you’re considering living and working in the Caribbean island of St Maarten, here is a useful checklist of documents we will require you to present in order for us to process your immigration request.  At BrightPath, we are aware of our responsibility as the most recognized immigration services provider in the region and we thank you for choosing us!  If you have any questions, or if we can be of service, feel free to reach out to us at

 Applicable requirements for Dutch passport holders & US Citizens

Residency permit required: YES

Work permit required: NO

  1. Original birth certificate (date of issue less than 3 years); If US Citizen, birth certificate must bear an apostille stamp
  2. Original police record (date of issue less than 6 months)
  3. Valid passport copy (all pages) with picture page in color
  4. Original job letter, confirming start date, position, and income, addressed to St Maarten Immigration & Border Protection Services Department
  5. Evidence of valid health insurance
  6. Two Dutch-sized passport pictures
  7. Original proof of de-registration (for Dutch nationals only)

Applicable requirements Foreign Nationals (Non-Dutch, Non-US Citizens)

Work permit required: YES
Residency permit required: YES

1. From Employer:

a) Proof of Labor Registration for the current year
b) Proof of notification of vacancy, along with supporting job description
c) Copy of bilateral, fully executed Labor Agreement
d) Summary form of monthly taxes (Wage tax/AOV/AWW) showing current payment
e) Evidence of vacancy publication via newspaper ad
f) Relevant application and/or declaration forms, signed and dated

2. From Employee:

a) Copy of all pages of your valid passport
     i) The information page must be in full color
     ii) No cut-offs allowed on the copies and preferably scaled to size
     iii) Validity of passport must be at least six-months out from date of application

b) Original birth certificate, legalized by a Dutch Embassy or bearing an apostille stamp from the country of issuance
     i) This document cannot be older than 3 years; no exceptions
     ii) If issued in a language other than English or Dutch, a certified translation of the same is required. This translation must also be legalized.

c) Original police record
     i) This document cannot be older than 6 months
     ii) Although a legalization by a Dutch Embassy or an apostille stamp from country of issuance is NOT a formal requirement, we encourage obtaining the                   same when possible.
    iii) NOTE: we reserve the right to refuse police records that are not in original format, are a downloaded version of an internet report, or that cannot be                     readily verified by our staff.

d) If married, original marriage certificate (if divorced, original divorce decree; if widowed, original death certificate of spouse) legalized by a Dutch Embassy or bearing an apostille stamp from the country of issuance
     i) Either of these documents cannot be older than 3 years; no exceptions
     ii) If issued in a language other than English or Dutch, a certified translation of the same is required. This translation must also be legalized.

e) If applying for your spouse and/or minor children
     i) Note items a through d apply for the spouse
     ii) Note items a through b apply for the children, along with evidence of school registration in St Maarten. This will be applicable for each child over 4 years               of age.

f) Evidence of sufficient income from the petitioning applicant to support the request, and to stand as guarantor for the same may also be required
     i) NOTE: if one of the parents of the minor child is remaining abroad, an original, notarized letter of consent along with valid passport identification of that              parent will also be required.

g) Evidence of valid health insurance

h) Two Dutch-sized passport pictures

i) Copies of diplomas, certificates, and/or reference letters, duly notarized, preferably from the country of origin


DISCLAIMER: BrightPath is a privately held company not affiliated with any government agency or department of the country Sint Maarten. We are a service provider assisting with submitting immigration applications at the Immigration and Border Protection Service of Sint Maarten. Our services do not entail any guarantee whatsoever to obtain a residency permit. Our company, principals, employees and agents cannot and shall not (try to) influence the outcome of the immigration procedure, as the granting of a residency permit is at the full discretion of the Immigration and Border Protection Service and ultimately, the responsible minister of Sint Maarten. BrightPath reserves the right to terminate the engagement at any moment if it has reasons to suspect that the client has submitted fraudulent documents or otherwise misrepresented his or her case. BrightPath can also terminate the engagement if the requested documents are not provided (in a timely manner). In such cases, the company is not obliged to restitute any payments or deposits received from the client.


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