Opening a bank account in St. Maarten: 3 things you should know

At BrightPath, bank account opening services remains one of our core products.  We maintain relationships with multiple banks throughout the island and we can facilitate you with the process.  Here are some pointers that we recommend that you take into consideration.


  • Compliance is key – To preserve the integrity of the jurisdiction of St Maarten from a banking and overall economic standpoint, you will need to declare and substantiate your initial source of funds, as well as the source of ongoing funding. Additionally, the nature of the financial activity to the account must remain transparent and the bank reserves the right to accept or withdraw the application at any time and solely to the bank’s discretion.


  • You must have economic ties to the island – Basically, you must have a locally incorporated and licensed business if you require a business bank account on the island. If you require a personal bank account, you must possess a valid residency permit.  In some cases, exceptions are made for bank accounts for non-residents who own property on the island.  Again, this is solely to the bank’s discretion.  As a rule of thumb, it’s best to assume that for banking activity financial ties to St. Maarten must be established by way of a locally registered business or legal residency for the individual requesting the personal bank account.


  • Multiple currencies are an option – One of the big advantages about banking in St. Maarten is that you can obtain multiple bank accounts, in multiple currencies! Most banks on the island will grant you the option to bank in Euros, United States dollars, and/or Antillean Guilders.  The latter is the official currency of the island.


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