As mentioned in our previous blog, ‘What do I need to apply for a business license in St. Maarten?’, all companies must have a business license to operate on Sint Maarten. In addition to a business license, all companies will require a director’s license and depending on the type of business, you may require an operational license.

Management License (Director’s License):

All individuals born outside the Netherlands Antilles need a management license in order to start and to operate a business on St. Maarten. The Management license can be requested by letter addressed to the Executive Council of the Island of St. Maarten. A Management License is not necessary for an E.Z. (one-man business). The letter must mention:

  1. The name of the business
    • The name, place and date of birth of the applicant
    • The nationality of the applicant
    • The nature and objective of the business
  1. The acquisition of the director’s license does not allow you work on the island; a request must be submitted to the Immigration Department for a residence permit; if granted then you are allowed to work
  2. For some types of businesses an additional license is required: an operational license. Such business would be for example, a restaurant, hotel/guest, casino and car rental. The request for this license is also submitted to the Executive Council.

Other Licenses and Permits

Businesses that are going to sell drinks or food and/or rent accommodation also need to request for a beverage and horeca license. Those that do not have a Dutch Nationality must also have a residence and work(employment) permit.

Registration of Businesses

After the business and Director’s license have been granted, businesses must be registered at the Chamber of Commerce. There is a fee upon inscription.

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For more information, see ‘How to start a business in St. Maarten?


Source: Chamber of Commerce Sint Maarten, Business License

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