5 Things That Make Antigua and Barbuda an Ideal Place to Relocate to

5 Things That Make Antigua and Barbuda an Ideal Place to Relocate to

Known as the land of 365 beaches, the islands of Antigua and Barbuda have recently garnered a lot of popularity among those looking to relocate to the Caribbean. White sandy beaches, crystal blue water, and a laid-back pristine lifestyle make Antigua and Barbuda a favorite for ex-pats and tourists.

But when making a decision as big as immigrating to the Caribbean, one needs more than gorgeous beaches and simple life, right? So here’s why we have jotted down five practical reasons that make the islands of Antigua and Barbuda a great choice to move to the Caribbean.

Lucrative Citizenship by Investment Program

Antigua and Barbuda has one of the oldest Citizenship by Investment Programs in the Caribbean. Moreover, the dual-citizenship accorded by Antigua and Barbuda allows foreigners to maintain their native country’s citizenship and earn a passport of Antigua and Barbuda. This passport can help you travel visa-free to over 130 countries!

Free, Quality Education

Antigua and Barbuda have free, mandatory education till 16 years of age and over 90 percent of students obtain it. Most schools on the island are run under the British, American, or Canadian education system. It’s safe to say that families with young kids may find Antigua and Barbuda a favorite place to move to the Caribbean due to the availability of free, good-quality education.

Excellent Healthcare

Antigua and Barbuda have remained independent territories of Britain. This is why the healthcare system on the island is highly influenced by the British healthcare infrastructure. You can find excellent healthcare facilities while living in Antigua and Barbuda.

Crystal blue water and white beach

Ideal Geographic Location

One thing that may stop you from relocating to the Caribbean is the difficulty of traveling to the U.S. or elsewhere. Located at an interesting crossroad, Antigua and Barbuda can be easily accessed from Europe or North America. And there are plenty of choices, including by air, sea, and road to travel to the island.

Cuisine, Culture, and 365 Beaches!

And lastly, one must have fun while living in the Caribbean! Antigua and Barbuda offer a diverse culture, an array of experiences, and exotic cuisine. You can choose to live in Antigua to enjoy a metropolis life with hustle-bustle. Or find a place in Barbuda to live close to nature. Anyway, you will have a new beach to visit every day for a year!

Move to the Caribbean Now

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