Five Things You Should Know About St. Maarten Before Starting a Business

Discover essential information about conducting business in St. Maarten with these key insights.

For many years, St. Maarten has been well-known for its high tourist footfall, making it a leading vacation destination in the Caribbean. With the highest GDP in the region, Sint Maarten ranks as one of the best vacation spots in the Caribbean. It is also a popular vacation and retirement destination, offering a wide variety of businesses tailored to different types of clients, prices, and preferences.

For these reasons, foreign nationals like Americans, Canadians, and Europeans are keen to start a business in St. Maarten.

Understanding the Business Environment

Before starting a business in St. Maarten, it is important to have a good understanding of the business environment. This includes knowing the local laws, regulations, and cultural norms that may impact your business operations. Having the correct advice is crucial and contacting the team at BrightPath for assistance with your incorporation should be your next step. From the business structure and incorporation to the banking, tax advisory with CaribTax, and a great commercial space with the real estate agents at BrightFuture Realty. Finding professional services for your business is possible with BrightPath Caribbean.

Before you incorporate, It’s very important to understand all the legalities of your business, timeframes when setting up, renewals for licenses, and tax responsibilities. Questions like: How often do I have to renew my business license? Do I need a special License? Where can I find assistance with taxes or payroll? Can I change the purpose of my business? Can I bring key personnel from abroad? How does the work permit process start? These are some of the many questions related to your type of business that you should have an answer to before you invest your time and money. Make your business incorporation stress-free with the corporate services at BrightPath. Book a consultation today.

Expanding Economic Landscape

Historically, St. Maarten was known for its salt exports. Then came the era of tourism, which is still dominant. However, as Sint Maarten’s Infrastructure is getting better fast, and with a tax-free structure for imports and exports, we are starting to witness the island becoming the headquarters for many businesses planning to expand or already expanding to the neighboring islands.

St. Maarten has experienced significant economic growth in recent years, making it an attractive location for businesses. The island’s expanding economic landscape offers various opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors in many sectors. Tourism-related businesses might be the most important sector, however other industries sectors like construction, IT Infrastructure, real estate, and manufacturing, have been growing steadily. By understanding the current economic trends and identifying areas of growth, you can position your business for success in St. Maarten.

Transactions in US Dollars

Although the Antillean Guilder or Florin (In 2025 becoming the new Caribbean Guilder) is the official currency in St. Maarten, the U.S. dollar is widely accepted and transactions can be conducted under this currency.

In reality, all transactions on the Dutch side are primarily conducted in US dollars, this means commercial and personal banking, loans, invoicing, and even pricing display for any goods or services. Being able to run your business transactions in U.S. dollars provides stability and ease of doing business with international companies and investors.

The U.S. dollar is overwhelmingly the world’s most frequently used currency in global trade and also the dominant currency in international banking. Over the period 1999-2019, the dollar accounted for 96 percent of trade invoicing in the Americas, 74 percent in the Asia-Pacific region, and 79 percent in the rest of the world. The only exception is Europe, where the euro is dominant, this includes the French side of the island. (Source: Carol Bertaut, Bastian von Beschwitz, Stephanie Curcuru. (2021) The International Role of the U.S. Dollar.)

Duty-Free for Import and Export

St. Maarten has a duty-free policy for both import and export, which can be beneficial for businesses involved in international trade. This policy allows for cost savings and competitive pricing. In other words, this means whether it’s for personal or business, you won’t incur in any taxation fees when bringing goods from abroad as well as sending them. Usually, all the costs are merely, shipping and insurance fees, and those will all depend on the company hired for the service.

Duty-free import and export in Sint Maarten is a great advantage to big and small business operations, letting you ship out any manufactured on-island goods and bring in raw materials for your production.

Always consider that other countries will have different policies and you will pay customs duties. Ask the shipping company of your choice to consider all your costs when importing or exporting for your business.

Opportunities for Growth and Expansion to the Eastern Caribbean Islands

St. Maarten’s strategic location in the Eastern Caribbean offers great opportunities for businesses to expand and grow beyond the island. With its well-developed infrastructure and transportation links, St. Maarten serves as a gateway to the Eastern Caribbean islands. Sint Maarten features the most modern airport in the Eastern Caribbean and the largest port in the region. This gives all businesses registered in Sint Maarten a strategic advantage, enabling them to reach and serve the neighboring islands. By leveraging this geographical advantage, businesses can tap into new markets, collaborate with regional partners, and explore growth opportunities in the wider Caribbean region.

A guavaberry emporium


  1. Why is St. Maarten an attractive location for starting a business?

St. Maarten is attractive for starting a business due to its stable economy, high GDP in the Caribbean, and being a popular vacation and retirement destination. Additionally, the use of the U.S. dollar for transactions, duty-free import and export policies, and its strategic location with developed infrastructure make it an ideal place for entrepreneurs and investors.

  1. What are the key legal considerations before starting a business in St. Maarten?

Key legal considerations include understanding local laws, regulations, and cultural norms, determining business structure, incorporation requirements, license renewals, tax responsibilities, and whether special licenses are needed. It is also important to know about the work permit process for bringing key personnel from abroad and the ability to change the business’s purpose.

  1. How does the duty-free policy in St. Maarten benefit businesses involved in international trade?

The duty-free policy in St. Maarten benefits businesses by allowing them to import and export goods without incurring taxation fees. This leads to cost savings and competitive pricing, making it easier to bring in raw materials for production and ship out manufactured goods. However, businesses must consider customs duties and costs imposed by other countries when importing or exporting.

  1. What sectors are experiencing growth in St. Maarten’s expanding economic landscape?

Besides the dominant tourism sector, other growing industries in St. Maarten include construction, IT infrastructure, real estate, and manufacturing. Understanding these economic trends can help entrepreneurs identify opportunities for success and expansion on the island.

  1. How does St. Maarten’s use of the U.S. dollar impact business operations?

The widespread use of the U.S. dollar in St. Maarten simplifies business transactions, providing stability and ease of doing business with international companies and investors. It allows for consistent pricing, commercial and personal banking, loans, and invoicing in a globally dominant currency, facilitating smoother international trade and investment.

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Guide to the Best Sint Maarten Beaches

The Caribbean Island of Sint Maarten is well-known for its outstanding beaches, amazing food, and friendly people. Every beach in Sint Maarten and Saint Martin (French Side) has a unique feeling, and finding your favorite will all depend on what you are looking for, the things you like to do, and the distance from where you are staying. The best thing? You can find a little bit of everything in St. Maarten! From hidden solitary gems to spend a relaxing day, to breezy beaches with lots of watersports options, and beautiful bays with high-end restaurants.

With 37 beaches to choose from, who’s better to guide you to the island’s best beaches than Elma and Ted from All Things Sint Maarten. Not only do they love Sint Maarten, but they love showing the world how unique and enchanting this island can be.

Maho Beach

Maho Beach in Sint Maarten is one of the island’s most captivating destinations, renowned for its tranquil beauty and pristine white sands. This unique beach offers the perfect spot for relaxation, with restaurant services just a few steps away. What sets Maho Beach apart is its location at the end of an airport runway, providing an exhilarating experience as planes land and take off right overhead. Despite the proximity to the runway, the beach is heavily secured, ensuring the safety of all visitors. Beachgoers can enjoy watching various international planes from airlines like American Airlines and Air France, making each visit a thrilling experience.

Adjacent to Maho Beach is the famous Sunset Beach Bar, known for serving some of the best burgers on the island and hosting vibrant events. Whether you are listening to live performances by DJs or local bands, the atmosphere is always lively and welcoming. Maho Beach truly offers a one-of-a-kind experience, combining the serene beauty of a tropical beach with the excitement of close-up plane spotting and dynamic entertainment options.


Kim Sha Beach

Kim Sha Beach in Sint Maarten is one of the island’s most enchanting spots, attracting visitors with its clear waters and refreshing ocean breeze. Recognized by BrightPath Caribbean as one of the best beaches in Sint Maarten, Kim Sha offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Water sports enthusiasts can indulge in activities like jet skiing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and tubing with different water sports providers. Kim Sha Beach is also a culinary haven, home to some of the island’s top restaurants. Enjoy a delicious meal at Buccaneer Beach Bar, The Green House, or Captain’s Rib Shack, among others. Whether you are looking to relax on the beach, partake in thrilling watersports, or savor a variety of local and international cuisine, Kim Sha Beach offers an unforgettable experience for all.



Little Bay Beach

Little Bay Beach in Sint Maarten is a stunning destination, offering one of the most picturesque settings on the island. Despite its name, Little Bay is a sprawling beach, perfectly positioned to provide breathtaking views of the island. One of its unique features is the hill overlooking the beach, which offers a glimpse into history with the remains of Fort Amsterdam. Visitors can explore this historical site with guided tours that delve into the fort’s rich past.

The beach is nestled within the magnificent Divi Little Bay Beach Resort, which provides a wealth of amenities, dining options, and activities that can keep visitors entertained for days. Whether you are relaxing on the beautiful sands, exploring historical landmarks, or enjoying the luxury of the resort, Little Bay Beach promises a memorable and enriching experience for all. Little Bay offers one of the best spots for snorkeling, with underwater sculptures, lots of fish, turtles, and the remains of a sunken helicopter.


Baie Rouge

If the previous beaches did not catch your interest, Baie Rouge in Sint Maarten surely will. Offering a classic and traditional beach experience, Baie Rouge is a serene escape with no restaurants or official activities—just pure sand and ocean. The colorful entrance sets a welcoming tone for beachgoers seeking tranquility. Baie Rouge is perfect for those looking to relax and unwind. Its simplicity allows visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the beach, making it an ideal spot to sit down on the sand and enjoy the soothing sounds of the waves. Just remember to bring a towel and soak in the peaceful ambiance of this beautiful, unspoiled beach.


Orient Bay

Orient Bay on the French side of Sint Maarten is a quintessential tropical experience that combines natural beauty with vibrant culture. This expansive beach is not only famous for its stunning views and turquoise waters but also for its lively and welcoming atmosphere. Stretching over a long, picturesque shoreline, Orient Bay features a diverse array of restaurants and beach bars that serve world-renowned cuisine, offering everything from gourmet French dishes to fresh, local seafood.

The beach’s consistent winds create perfect conditions for a variety of watersports, making it a hotspot for windsurfing, kiteboarding, and sailing. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie looking to catch the waves or a foodie eager to sample some of the finest dining options the island has to offer, Orient Bay caters to all interests. The combination of its scenic beauty, culinary delights, and adventurous spirit makes Orient Bay a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Sint Maarten. Relax on the sandy shores, enjoy the lively beach scene, and take in the breathtaking views that this tropical paradise offers.

Mullet Bay

Nestled on the Dutch side of Sint Maarten, Mullet Bay Beach is sprawling with life, a beautiful haven that shows visitors its pristine, clear waters and stunning scenery. Located just past the Maho area and adjacent to Mullet Bay’s Golf Course, the beach offers a unique blend of natural beauty and architectural wonder. The best way to spend your day at Mullet Bay is by renting a chair and umbrella while you get snacks and drinks from nearby restaurants.

As you relax on the soft, sandy shores, you’ll be treated to mesmerizing views of beautifully constructed buildings and the thrilling sight of planes descending towards the nearby airport. For those who love marine life, the small rocky area on one side of the beach is a vibrant underwater ecosystem, teeming with fascinating sea creatures. Mullet Bay Beach is not just a destination; it’s an unforgettable experience, combining leisure, adventure, and breathtaking vistas.

Are you considering living in Sint Maarten?

Yes, it’s possible!

At BrightPath Caribbean we have seen throughout over 12 years of business, so many people falling in love with Sint Maarten, the lifestyle, the beaches, the food, and all the things the island has to offer, that they decide to make Sint Maarten their home and apply for legal residency with the assistance of BrightPath. You might be wondering, what’s the process like? What documents do I need? Read our informative blogs on the process and book a consultation with our team to find out how to move forward and make it happen.


Pictures courtesy of All Things Sint Maarten.



  1. What makes Maho Beach a unique destination in Sint Maarten?

Maho Beach is unique due to its location at the end of an airport runway, offering the exhilarating experience of planes landing and taking off overhead. It also features the famous Sunset Beach Bar and a lively atmosphere with events and live performances.

  1. What activities and amenities can visitors expect at Kim Sha Beach?

Visitors to Kim Sha Beach can enjoy a range of water sports such as jet skiing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and tubing. The beach also boasts several top restaurants, including Buccaneer Beach Bar, The Green House, and Captain’s Rib Shack, providing a blend of relaxation and adventure.

  1. Why is Little Bay Beach considered a notable destination in Sint Maarten?

Little Bay Beach is notable for its picturesque setting, historical significance with the nearby Fort Amsterdam, and the amenities offered by the Divi Little Bay Beach Resort. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views, explore historical landmarks, and take advantage of the resort’s dining and activity options.


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Moving to Sint Maarten with Pets: A Guide to Relocating to a Tropical Paradise

Planning to move to Sint Maarten with your furry friends? Discover everything you need to know about relocating with pets to this tropical paradise. From import permits to considerations for a smooth transition, and how BrightPath can assist you in the process.

Understanding the import requirements for bringing pets to Sint Maarten

We know it, pets are part of the family and if you relocate, they will relocate with you. As the most trusted immigration services provider in Sint Maarten, and throughout over ten years of experience and thousands of immigration files, BrightPath Caribbean has successfully assisted clients with their pets’ relocation as well. BrightPath provides hassle-free immigration services for humans and hassle-free relocation for pets.


When moving to Sint Maarten with your pets, it is important to understand the import requirements and process to ensure a smooth transition. Authorities will require a series of documentation from the pet and the owner, such as proof of vaccinations, health certificates, and a travel itinerary to provide an import permit.

  1.  Microchip: To enter Sint Maarten, your pet must be registered with an ISO microchip.
  2. Vaccinations: Your pet should be vaccinated for rabies at least 21 days and no more than 36 months before entry. Dogs must be vaccinated against distemper. hepatitis, parvovirus, leptospirosis, and adenovirus. Cats must be vaccinated against feline leukemia, feline rhinotracheitis, feline calicivirus, feline panleukopenia, feline pneumonitis, and feline immunodeficiency virus.
  3. Internal parasites test: Your pet must be tested for internal parasites, if the test comes out positive, the animal must be treated 21 days prior to departure with a registered medication.
  4. External parasites and cutaneous diseases: Your pet must be free of external parasites, if not, it must be treated with registered parasiticide within 14 days prior to departure. All animals must be free from observable cutaneous diseases.
  5. Rabies Certificate: The rabies vaccination certificate is a formal proof that your dog has been vaccinated against rabies and is required to enter Sint Maarten before arrival and administered between 30 days and one year of travel.
  6. Valid Health Certificate: The animal must be accompanied by a valid International Health Certificate, issued by an accredited veterinarian and endorsed by the official government veterinarian of the exporting country. Take note that Sint Maarten is not part of the European Union; and will not accept European pet passports as a valid international health certificate. The health certificate must be in English, Dutch, or accompanied by an official translation.
  7. Suitable Kennel: The animal must be transported in a suitable kennel according to the IATA regulations
  8. Travel Itinerary and transportation information: Pet owner should present a valid travel to the authorities a valid travel itinerary in a JPEG or a PDF file, and all transportation information must be provided, including vessel type, name, number, origin, and destination addresses.
  9. Animal information: a series of details is required to complete the import request, such as animal species, breed, sex, animal colors, age, microchip digits.
  10.  Additional requirements if necessary: Authorities could require additional details on your pet, their transportation, or any other information they consider necessary to grant entry to Sint Maarten.

All requirements also apply to service and emotional support animals.

Dogs and Cats from Central and South America are prohibited from entry to Sint Maarten.

Preparing your pet for travel and ensuring their well-being

Last-minute planning won’t cut it when it comes to moving pets internationally. It’s essential that you start making arrangements well in advance to avoid any complications or delays. Remember, your pets are counting on you to ensure a safe and hassle-free journey, so don’t leave anything to chance. Get started on your preparations today!

Before traveling to Sint Maarten, it is essential to prepare your pet for the journey and ensure their well-being throughout the process. Start by scheduling a visit to the veterinarian to ensure your pet is in good health and up to date on all vaccinations.

The next step is to contact the Team at BrightPath Caribbean to request more information on how we can assist you with the process for a successful pet import approval.

During the journey, it is important to provide your pet with a comfortable and secure travel crate or carrier in compliance with the IATA regulations. Make sure the crate is well-ventilated and large enough for your pet to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. It is also recommended to include familiar bedding and toys to help them feel more at ease. Make sure to contact your airline and ask them for all the details on their pet transport policy, and further details on transportation requirements.

Depending on how far you are traveling, during the travel, it is important to provide your pet with regular breaks for exercise and bathroom breaks. Keep them hydrated and make sure they have access to fresh water throughout the journey. It is also advisable to avoid feeding them a large meal right before travel to prevent any discomfort.

Once you arrive in Sint Maarten, it is important to help your pet adjust to the new environment. Gradually introduce them to their new surroundings and establish a routine. Weather is also a variable you need to consider; Sint Maarten might be warmer compared to what they are used to and some breeds adapt faster to warmer environments than others. Provide them with plenty of love, attention, and familiar items to help them feel secure in their new tropical home, and make sure to discuss it with your veterinarian for advice on the things you need to consider when relocating your pet to the Caribbean.

Tips for finding pet-friendly accommodation in Sint Maarten

When relocating with your pets, finding pet-friendly accommodation in Sint Maarten won’t be an issue, especially when you have the support of a local real estate agent.

Make sure to discuss with the real estate agent your requirements, this way property search will move faster. Consider that some properties may have size or breed restrictions, while others may require an additional pet deposit or monthly fee. It is important to clarify these details upfront to avoid any surprises.

Consider the layout, amenities, and location of the accommodation. Look for properties with pet-friendly features such as fenced yards, pet-friendly flooring, and easy access to outdoor areas. These features can contribute to a more comfortable living environment for both you and your furry companion. Keep in mind that If you are looking for yard space, you might not get a centrally located property, or maybe you rather have proximity to a beach and take your pet for daily walks. It all depends on what you and your pet need.

Exploring the pet-friendly activities and amenities in Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten offers a range of pet-friendly activities and amenities you can enjoy with your furry friend. Explore the beautiful beaches of the island and let your pet play with the sand and the waves, go for a walk around areas like the causeway bridge, or take your pet for an outdoor adventure on the many hiking trails all over the island, many of which end in beautiful peaceful beaches. One unique adventure you can have with your pet is the so-called Moses walk, a fun experience you will find right next to the Coralita lookout point.

If you’re looking for socialization opportunities for your pet, consider visiting pet-friendly cafes or restaurants. Some establishments in Sint Maarten have outdoor seating areas where you can enjoy a meal or a coffee while your pet relaxes by your side.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out local pet supply stores and veterinary clinics in Sint Maarten. These establishments can provide essential supplies, grooming services, and healthcare for your pet, ensuring their well-being during your stay on the island.

Quick notes on outdoor Activities:

  • Take your time when introducing your pet to new experiences and allow them to adjust at their own pace.
  • It’s important to keep them hydrated as they may feel the effects of the tropical heat more quickly.
  • Consider protecting their paws by investing in boots, shoes, or paw protectors for long walks. This will help prevent injuries and keep them safe from hot surfaces.
  • As a responsible pet parent, remember to keep your pets on a leash when surrounded by other people and dogs. This will give you more control over your pet and ensure their safety. Additionally, always clean up after your pet to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the island that we all cherish.
  • Play, have fun, enjoy the island, and make memories.

Settling in: Tips for helping your pet adjust to the tropical environment.

Moving to a tropical environment like Sint Maarten can be an exciting change for both you and your pet. However, it is important to help your pet adjust to the new climate and surroundings.

Start by gradually acclimating your pet to the warmer temperatures. Provide them with access to shaded areas and fresh water to prevent overheating. It is also important to protect them from direct sunlight, especially during the hottest hours of the day.

Keep an eye out for any tropical pests or diseases that may affect your pet. Consult with a local veterinarian to ensure your pet is protected against common tropical parasites such as fleas, ticks, and heartworms.

Lastly, make sure your pet has access to plenty of fresh water to stay hydrated in the tropical heat. Consider providing them with a cooling mat or a small pool of water to help them cool down when needed.

With a little patience and care, your pet will soon adjust to the tropical environment of Sint Maarten and enjoy their new life in paradise.


1. What are the key import requirements for bringing pets to Sint Maarten, and how can BrightPath Caribbean assist in navigating this process?
Importing pets to Sint Maarten requires documentation such as proof of vaccinations, health certificates, and a travel itinerary for an import permit. BrightPath Caribbean offers assistance with understanding and fulfilling these requirements, ensuring a smooth transition for pets relocating to the island.

2. How can pet owners prepare their furry companions for international travel and ensure their well-being during the journey to Sint Maarten?
Pet owners should start preparations well in advance, including scheduling a veterinarian visit for health checks and vaccinations. BrightPath Caribbean can provide guidance on the process for a successful pet import approval. During travel, pets should be provided with a comfortable travel crate, regular breaks for exercise, and access to fresh water.

3. What tips and considerations should pet owners keep in mind when finding pet-friendly accommodation and exploring activities with their pets in Sint Maarten?
Pet owners should discuss their requirements with a local real estate agent to find pet-friendly accommodation, considering factors like size restrictions and proximity to outdoor areas. BrightPath Caribbean can offer assistance in navigating these considerations. Additionally, exploring pet-friendly activities such as beach outings and hiking trails can enhance the experience for both owners and pets in Sint Maarten.


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Moving to Sint Maarten: The Ultimate Guide

Discover everything you need to know about relocating to the stunning island of Sint Maarten with this comprehensive guide. From how to obtain residency to the best neighborhoods, lifestyle, and culture, we’ve got you covered.

The Uniqueness of Sint Maarten: An Introduction to the Island

Sint Maarten is a unique island located in the Caribbean Sea. It is the smallest island in the world that is shared by two nations, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and France. This means that while the southern part of the island belongs to the Dutch side, the northern part is French territory, and you can freely transit between the two nations.

The island is known for its breathtaking beaches (37 in total), crystal-clear turquoise waters, and vibrant nightlife. Sint Maarten’s cultural heritage has been a for so many years a mix of influences from all over the world. From the native Arawaks and Caribs, to Spaniards, French, Dutch, British, and even the Danes and Africans, and their present reflection in the blend of cultures of all nationalities currently living on this Caribbean Island. Sint Maarten is the most beautiful expression of a multicultural community.

For those considering making Sint Maarten their home, at BrightPath Caribbean we understand how important and life-changing this decision could be and we are ready to guide you through the process. Whether it is retirement or you’re just looking for a relaxed style of living, this article will give you a better understanding of the process.

Legal Residency: Navigating the Legalities

In Sint Maarten, you can apply for legal residency under different programs, and it will all depend on what your plans are. We always recommend you book a consultation with our team to get tailored advice to your specific needs. The requirements are straightforward and like any other country, the documents needed go from a birth certificate and police record to health insurance and proof of savings. Let’s look at some of the programs under which you can apply for residency and how convenient it is to do it with BrightPath:

Managing Director Program

When your Sint Maarten dream includes setting up a business on the friendly island you will be able to apply for temporary residency under this program, after all, you might want to manage your business very closely, correct? The managing director program requires several steps and documentation that will need to be executed or requested in a logical order for the process to move forward seamlessly. This is when at BrightPath, the corporate services team and the Immigration team work together to provide you with the business incorporation and licensing process while getting started on your residency request as a managing director. Residency under the managing director program requires renewals and keeping your business active and fully compliant.

Penshonado Program

Hooray! You have decided to enjoy your retirement in Sint Maarten. The process for the pensioner program goes along with a real estate transaction. Once a temporary residency has been approved, you are allowed to live in Sint Maarten for the first year without having to buy property. This is great because this period will allow you to physically see properties and get to know the neighborhoods, giving you the perfect timeframe to find the property you’ve been dreaming of, however, when it’s time to apply for the residency renewal you will have to show the purchase of a property for a minimum amount of Naf 450,000 (equivalent to USD 250,000). The team at BrightPath can assist you with your residency request, and asset protection, and point you in the right direction for qualified tax advice. While the agents at our affiliate BrightFuture Realty can help you navigate the real estate market in St. Maarten.

With no property taxes, a lower tax bracket for those over 52, and the possibility of protecting your assets with a Private Fund Foundation, no wonder why, the retirement program is so popular.

Investor Program

Prior to applying for residency under the investor program, a real estate purchase of a minimum amount of Naf 900,000 (approximately USD 500,000) is required. Residents under this program are not allowed to work. This program is perfect for those looking to invest in real estate with the benefit of being allowed to reside legally on the island. The investor program requires renewals and unlike other Caribbean nations, it allows you to apply for an indefinite residency permit once you’ve reached the required number of residency permits without any gaps. Investing in Real Estate is a great move, especially in countries like Sint Maarten where homeowners don’t have to worry about annual property taxes, the real estate market is booming, and can protect their assets with tools like a Private Fund Foundation or a company.

Work Permit

Temporary residency under the work permit program is possible for those who have been offered a job opportunity with an organization on the island. Works permits require several steps from the applicant and the business. Both the work permit and the residency need to be renewed as required by the labor department and the immigration authorities. Work permits can be lengthy and confusing when they’re not done properly, if your company is considering bringing in a foreign employee, we recommend you book a consultation with our experts. Work permits in St. Maarten are requested by an employer looking to bring a non-resident into their staff, and not by individuals considering coming to Sint Maarten and finding a job.

Dutch – American Friendship Treaty for US Nationals

Due to the geographical proximity and Sint Maarten’s popularity as a vacation destination for US Nationals, residency requests under the DAFT program are quite common. Under this program, applicants are allowed to work without the need for a separate work permit, and no renewals are required. Applying for residency with BrightPath as a US National is convenient and hassle-free, you can start the process from the comfort of your home and our team will handle everything, including document ordering for your birth certificate, marriage certificate, police record, assistance with pets import if needed; we can refer you to a Sint Maarten tax advisor and put you in the expert hands of our real estate partners, whether you’re looking to sell your property in the US and make a full exit or just purchasing or renting in Sint Maarten.

In addition to the most requested residency permits, there are a few more options available for those looking to relocate to Sint Maarten. One such option is the student permit, which is designed for individuals who are enrolled in a local school or educational institution. This permit allows students to reside on the island while pursuing their education. Another option is the family permit, which is ideal for those who want to bring a direct family member to Sint Maarten. Whether it’s a spouse, child, or parent, this permit allows families to reunite and start a new life together on the island.

It’s worth noting that the process of obtaining residency can be time-consuming, so it’s important to start the application process well in advance of your planned relocation date. Working with a reputable immigration firm like BrightPath Caribbean can help streamline the process and ensure that all necessary documents are in order.

Whether you’re considering retirement, starting a business, or simply looking for a change of scenery, Sint Maarten offers a variety of residency options to suit your needs. With its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and welcoming community, it’s not surprising that more and more people are choosing to make Sint Maarten their home. So, start planning your move today and prepare to embark on an exciting new chapter in your life on this beautiful Caribbean island.

Finding Accommodation: Your Home Away from Home

Relocation means, real estate. Finding suitable accommodation is an important aspect of moving to Sint Maarten. Whether you’re looking for a temporary rental or a permanent home, there are various options available to suit different budgets and preferences.

Popular areas for expats include Simpson Bay, Cupecoy, Guana Bay, Cole Bay, and Oyster Pond. These areas offer a range of housing options, from beachfront villas to cozy apartments. It’s advisable to engage the services of a local real estate agent who can assist you in finding the perfect place to call home.

When searching for the ideal neighborhood to purchase or rent a home, the decision can be a daunting task. There are countless factors to consider, including safety, proximity to work and schools, real estate prices, and traffic. Moreover, personal preferences play a significant role, such as desiring a pool, an ocean view, or direct access to the beach.

Before making your decision, it’s crucial to carefully evaluate all these factors and create a personalized checklist of your desires and must-haves. Do you picture yourself unwinding by a sparkling pool, savoring the awe-inspiring vistas of the ocean, or waking up to the serene beauty of the hills? Are you in need of the convenience of a garage or are you perfectly content with curbside parking? Take the time to thoroughly assess your preferences and needs, as finding the perfect neighborhood is key to creating a comfortable and enjoyable living experience in Sint Maarten.

Other aspects you need to consider when moving completely out of your country are your assets back home and in some cases tax exposure. If you are moving to Sint Maarten from the US, our multidisciplinary team can assist and guide you with the task of selling your property and making a clean exit, while requesting your residency permit and looking for your new place.

Quick tips on what to consider when looking for a property in Sint Maarten

When looking for a property in Sint Maarten, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, it’s essential to determine your budget and your needs. However, these are a few things that you and your real estate agent need to keep in mind, especially if you’re a first-time owner in the Caribbean.

  • Maintenance and inspections: Don’t be afraid to ask how often or when was the last time something in a property had maintenance, houses in the Caribbean often require keeping up with the air conditioning, pool, septic tank, generator, solar panels, and if you’re buying, those are things you need to consider as well as a home inspection if the property has been through any natural disaster, a major repair or is older than 15 years.
  • Hurricane shutters: Yes, it is part of the Caribbean, and everyone has had to learn how to prepare for the hurricane season. One essential part is the protection that hurricane shutters give to your property, apart from making sure that your property is hurricane-proof, having properly installed and working shutters is important.
  • HOA Fees and Insurance: It’s very important to make sure you understand what the Home Owners Association fee includes, in most cases includes maintenance of common areas like pool, gym, and security, and in other cases also includes insurance for the property. Your realtor should be able to provide you with all the necessary information.
  • Is the property owned by an individual, a PFF, or a company: It might not seem like something of importance, since the basics of the real estate transaction are quite similar, however, it makes a world of a difference, and your realtor needs to be able to give you the correct information and to make sure that in all cases everything is up to date. For example, if the property is under a company or a private fund foundation, it is key to have all documentation, taxes, and banking details in good order, otherwise, you may have a sale-purchase transaction “jammed” for an undefined period of time.

By considering these factors when looking for a property in Sint Maarten, you can ensure that you find a home that fits your lifestyle and provides a comfortable and enjoyable living experience on this beautiful Caribbean Island.

Working Or Starting a Business in Sint Maarten: Job Opportunities and Business Environment

Sint Maarten offers job opportunities and a favorable business environment for those looking to work or start a business on the island. The tourism industry is a major contributor to the economy, providing employment opportunities in various sectors such as hospitality, entertainment, and services.

In addition to the tourism industry, Sint Maarten also has a growing cargo and travel sector and opportunities in construction, and the marine industry. It’s important to research and book a consultation with our team, to understand the requirements for working or starting a business in Sint Maarten. Depending on your nationality your employer might need, or not, to request a work permit, and in all cases if you are not born on the island or any of the Dutch island that only requires proof of registration, you will have to go through an immigration process.

Starting your own business in Sint Maarten is possible and you’ll find opportunities in a wide range of sectors. Foreigners can own 100% of their business and can request a residency permit under the managing director program for up to two non-national directors. Starting a business in Sint Maarten requires quite a few properly executed steps for the process to move smoothly, particularly when your business incorporation is the starting point for an immigration process. At BrightPath, the Corporate Services team can assist you with all the legalities, such as incorporation, licenses, banking, and registration in other departments, so you can focus on what’s important; your business.

Settling In: Embracing the Sint Maarten Lifestyle

Once you’ve made the move to Sint Maarten, it’s time to embrace the island’s unique lifestyle. The laid-back Caribbean vibe combined with the influences of both Dutch and French cultures creates a vibrant and welcoming community. Take the time to explore the island’s stunning beaches, try local cuisine, and participate in festivals and events. Engage with the local community and make new friends who can help you settle into your new life in Sint Maarten

How easy it is to integrate into the Sint Maarten Community?

Cultural integration in Sint Maarten is a fascinating experience. The island is a melting pot of cultures, with influences from European and Caribbean traditions. As a result, residents and visitors can easily immerse themselves in a diverse and vibrant community. From the colorful local festivals and events to the various languages spoken.

In terms of languages, English is widely spoken and understood on the island, making it easy for English-speaking individuals to communicate and navigate their daily lives. However, due to its history and cultural diversity, you will also hear Dutch, French, Spanish, and Papiamento being spoken (just to name a few). Embracing the local language and learning a few key phrases can greatly enhance your experience and help you connect with the community on a deeper level.

When it comes to cuisine, Sint Maarten offers a mouthwatering mix of flavors. From traditional Caribbean, Spanish, French, Italian, and even Indian dishes to the most amazing fusion cuisine proposals Indian-Caribbean or Mexican-Caribbean, or street food with Caribbean twists, authentic Italian gelato, first-class French Baked goods, and Island-made chocolate treats. in Sint Maarten, there is something to satisfy every palate. When we talk about traditional Sint Maarten cuisine don’t miss the opportunity to sample local specialties such as saltfish and Johnny cakes, jerk chicken, and delectable seafood stews. The island’s vibrant food scene is a true reflection of its multicultural heritage. Sint Maarten’s culinary proposal is among the best in the Caribbean!

Education system

In terms of education, Sint Maarten offers a range of educational institutions, including international schools, public schools, and private schools. The primary and high school education system follows the Dutch, American, or Canadian model depending on the institution. Families relocating to the island can rest assured that their children will have access to quality education.

Medical care 

When it comes to healthcare, Sint Maarten offers a comprehensive healthcare system. The island has the main Hospital “Sint Maarten Medical Centre” and several Doctor’s offices conveniently located all over the Dutch side. It’s important to note that healthcare in Sint Maarten is not free, so it’s advisable to have health insurance coverage to ensure that you have access to affordable healthcare whether it is private insurance or through the government’s medical insurance called SZV.

What about shipping my belongings or buying them online?

Shipping and buying online on the island is relatively straightforward. Sint Maarten has the best-developed cargo infrastructure for the Eastern Caribbean and is well-connected to major shipping routes. This makes it easy to ship goods to and from the island. Additionally, Sint Maarten has no import/export taxes, which means you will only pay for the cargo company services. It is very common for residents to buy online in any online shopping platform and bring it to the island using one of the many cargo companies, allowing residents to conveniently purchase items online.


In terms of events, Sint Maarten is known for its vibrant and lively festivals and events throughout the year. From Carnival celebrations to music festivals and regattas, there is always something exciting happening on the island. These events provide opportunities for residents and visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture, enjoy live music, indulge in delicious food, and connect with the community.

Overall, Sint Maarten offers a unique and enriching lifestyle for residents. The island provides a welcoming environment for individuals looking to relocate. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a fresh start, Sint Maarten has something to offer everyone.


  1. What are the residency options available for individuals moving to Sint Maarten, and how does BrightPath assist in navigating the legalities associated with each program? Residency options in Sint Maarten include the Managing Director Program, Penshonado Program, Investor Program, Work Permit, Dutch-American Friendship Treaty for US Nationals, as well as student and family permits. BrightPath provides tailored guidance and support for each program, assisting with documentation, real estate transactions, and asset protection.
  2. What factors should individuals consider when choosing a neighborhood to live in Sint Maarten, and how can a local real estate agent assist in finding suitable accommodation? Factors to consider include safety, proximity to work and schools, real estate prices, and personal preferences like beach access or ocean views. Local real estate agents can help individuals navigate these factors and find the perfect neighborhood and accommodation that suits their lifestyle and budget.
  3. What are some important considerations when purchasing a property in Sint Maarten, and how can BrightPath’s multidisciplinary team assist in the process? Important considerations include property maintenance, hurricane preparedness, HOA fees, and understanding property ownership structures. BrightPath’s team can provide guidance on property inspections, insurance, and ensuring legal compliance with property ownership structures.
  4. What job opportunities and business environments are available in Sint Maarten, and how does the immigration process work for individuals seeking employment or starting a business? Job opportunities exist in sectors like tourism, cargo and travel, construction, and the marine industry. The immigration process involves obtaining work permits or residency permits under specific programs. BrightPath offers consultation and assistance to navigate the requirements for working or starting a business in Sint Maarten.
  5. How does the lifestyle in Sint Maarten reflect its multicultural heritage, and what are some key aspects to consider regarding education, healthcare, shipping belongings, buying online, and community events? Sint Maarten’s lifestyle reflects its diverse cultural influences, evident in its cuisine, languages, and community events. Key aspects to consider include the education system, healthcare access, shipping logistics, online shopping convenience, and participation in vibrant local events and festivals.


Do you have additional questions?

Contact us today for a free consultation and let us guide you throughout the process!


What You Need to Know About Starting a Business in Sint Maarten

There’s a lot of information about starting a business in Sint Maarten. You may be overwhelmed by all the steps. Let’s break down some of the most important things you need to know as an entrepreneur looking to start a business here.  

Sint Maarten is considered one of the best places to start a business. 

Why? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons:  

  • One of the main reasons why Sint Maarten is such an attractive place for entrepreneurs is because it has a stable economy. Sint Maarten has one of the highest GDP per capita in the Caribbean, as well as a growing economy supported by developments and investments all over the country. 
  • All transactions can be done in US Dollars. Although Sint Maarten’s official currency is the Netherlands Antillean Guilder (also used in Curacao), US Dollars are really the coin of realm here, as most establishments will price and quote their services and products in USD and Guilders.
  • There are no import/export taxes. This makes Sint Maarten a great place for businesses that want to import or manufacture and distribute to other islands in the region.  
  • The local infrastructure is advanced as a Caribbean jurisdiction. With bridges, Harbours, Marinas, and the upcoming finalization of the reconstruction of the airport and telecommunications systems in place, Sint Maarten is ahead of its peers in the Eastern Caribbean region. 
  • Sint Maarten could be considered the economic hub of the eastern Caribbean. Cargo companies, airlines, goods distributors, etc… all the important businesses in the region have main offices in Sint Maarten, delivering goods and services to the neighboring islands.  

There are several important factors to consider before starting a business in Sint Maarten. 

  • Location. This is one of the most critical factors for your business. If you want to start a business in Sint Maarten, you must choose the best-suited location for your business plan. You should also determine how much space is necessary and whether or not there are any restrictions on what kind of businesses can operate at a particular location.  If your business does not require a space open to the public, for example, you have a charter business and manage all your bookings online, you could use our registered office service, This will allow you to have your company properly registered using BrightPath’s address and give you the freedom of not having to rent a location.  On the other hand, for those that need a location, referring you to our affiliate company BrightFuture Realty is a matter of two clicks. BrightFuture’s agents not only are experts in the real estate sector but also understand the business incorporation process, adapting to your business needs and business registration and licensing time frames.
  • Market research. Before starting any enterprise, you must do quality market research to understand how customers and clients will receive your product or service. The Caribbean region behaves differently from other regions, and you need to do some homework. It is important that you take some time to recognize your competition, perhaps gathering some feedback on your product or service and as much information as possible on your customers.
  • Time Frames. You must consider that starting a business in Sint Maarten will require obtaining permits, licenses, and other forms of authorization. The process for some cases could be lengthy and unclear when you do it on your own. This might end up extending your time frames and that is not what you want when you are starting your new business. Time is money and every difficulty or detail that needs to be changed or will take longer than usual can destabilize your business plan. This is why working with professionals in every aspect of your journey is extremely important, and our corporate services team understands the significance of getting things done following the plan or finding the best solutions at every step.

BrightPath offers services that can help you through each step of starting a business in Sint Maarten. 

Once you have decided to start the process, our corporate services team can assist and guide you throughout the process from the beginning. From the name search to the incorporation, and licensing request. Depending on the type of business BrightPath can arrange the inspections, open your business bank account, and our real estate affiliate can help you find the perfect location.  

Our Corporate Services team can assist you with the following:  

  • Setting up your legal entity  
  • Advising on matters related to taxation and HR law  
  • Assisting you with business banking set-up  
  • Finding the right office space for your new venture 

Starting a business in Sint Maarten is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to create a venture while living life to the fullest. You must do your research and plan before starting your project.  

So, you’ve made the decision, what should be the very first step? 

We highly recommend you contact our team and book a consultation; every business is different and getting information tailored to your business plan and perhaps immigration needs is the first step you should take, this will help you get organized and focus on what’s more important, bringing your business idea to life while we assist you with the legal aspects of setting up your business Contact us now!  


1. What are the main advantages of starting a business in Sint Maarten?

Sint Maarten offers several advantages for starting a business, including a stable economy with one of the highest GDP per capita in the Caribbean, the ability to conduct transactions in US Dollars, no import/export taxes, advanced local infrastructure, and its status as the economic hub of the eastern Caribbean with many key businesses headquartered there.

2. What factors should be considered when choosing a location for a business in Sint Maarten?

When choosing a location for a business in Sint Maarten, consider the best-suited location for your business plan, the necessary space, and any restrictions on the type of businesses that can operate in specific areas. For businesses that do not require a public-facing location, a registered office service can be used, while those needing a physical location can get assistance from BrightFuture Realty for finding suitable real estate.

3. How can BrightPath assist with the process of starting a business in Sint Maarten?

BrightPath can assist with the entire process of starting a business in Sint Maarten, including setting up the legal entity, advising on taxation and HR law, assisting with business banking setup, and finding the right office space. They can also handle name searches, incorporation, licensing requests, inspections, and any other necessary authorizations.

Do you have additional questions? 

Contact us today to start your business with BrightPath

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Caribbean Beaches in 2022

Some of the best beaches in the world are found in the Caribbean. Spread across over 700 islands, reefs, bays, and breathtaking scenery, the Caribbean is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

So if you’re thinking of relocating to the Caribbean or visiting for a short, recreational trip, you want to make the most of your stay on this earth’s heaven. But considering the exuberant number of beaches, it’s hard to pick one or even a handful. We know the struggle and are happy to offer some help in this blog.

Below are the most mesmerizing beaches that you can enjoy while visiting the Caribbean in 2022. You can opt for a secluded spot, a nude beach, or one that’s brimming with partygoers. The choice is yours to have fun in the Caribbean as you want to! We have just shortlisted the place you must visit in 2022.

Antigua and Barbuda

If you are on the lookout for a new beach every day of the year, visit Antigua and Barbuda. This twin-island has 365 beaches, and each one is more exotic than the other. From Half Moon Bay to Dickenson Bay, there are a number of beaches with different waters, shorelines, and footfall.

St. Maarten

You may have seen the picture of a plane flying low over a beach as the beachgoers continue to have fun. That popular internet picture is from St. Maarten’s Maho Beach. Located in Philipsburg’s capital city on the Dutch-owned island, Maho Beach is one of the most fun places to visit in 2022.

However, if you’ve been living in St. Maarten for a while now and want to enjoy a secluded spot, go to the Ile Tintamarreon on the French side of the island.

Air plane flying over Maho Beach

St. Kitts and Nevis

An independent British territory, St. Kitts and Nevis is another wonderful twin island in the Caribbean. Offering a wide range of beaches, including Oualie Beach, Cockleshell Bay, Bustling Frigate Bay, and Pinney’s Beach, where you can trek, surf, or just soak in the sun, St. Kitts and Nevis is one of our favorites too.


Stretched merely over 16 miles, Anguilla is a nature’s wonder as it offers 33 beaches on its shores. Secluded, crowded, with blue waters, white sand, and plenty of coconuts, Anguilla is a small island with a lot to offer to its visitors. In fact, many people looking to retire in the Caribbean choose Anguilla due to its quiet and serene environment.

Visit, Retire, or Move to the Caribbean with Us

You may have lived a long life in the fast-paced urban culture and now want to enjoy the brighter side of life in the Caribbean. If you are among those who wish to restart their life under the sun and on the beach, then reach out to us at BrightPath Caribbean.

We are a Caribbean immigration consultancy and business incorporation service. We help our clients retire, relocate, and move to the Caribbean.

Seven Foods to Try On Your Next Visit to St. Maarten

The part Dutch and part French Caribbean island St. Maarten or Saint Martin has many claims to fame. From being the smallest co-habited landmass to boasting an airport on the beach, St. Maarten is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean.

Even for a few days, life in St. Maarten is full of wonderful and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Cultural diversity, exotic beaches, shopping sprees, and great food are all offered in this gourmet capital of the Caribbean.

So whether you’re a first-time visitor to St. Maarten or have witnessed the beautiful side of life there before, take a note of this blog. Here we’ll tell you seven foods you can absolutely not miss on your next trip to St. Maarten!

Let’s start watering our mouths!


Call-Aloo, a local delicacy, is a popular dish in St. Maarten. Made with greens like soy, spinach, kale, and callaloo (a spinach-like vegetable); this soup can warm you up. Seasoned with local herbs, pepper, onion, and topped with pork, you can’t miss this soup at all!

Johnny Cakes

Also called journey cakes, Johnny cakes are the local version of pancakes made with corn. Slightly sweet, very light, and puffy, these cakes are a day snack, breakfast dish, and a side for dinner. Fortunately, Johnny cakes are the easiest to find in St. Maarten, as most popular restaurants have them on their menu.

Conch and Dumplings

If you want to redefine your seafood experience in the Caribbean, try conch and dumplings in St. Maarten. Made of snail broth coupled with corn dumplings and seasoned with local spices, this gravy will make you want to move to St. Maarten for good!

Dumpling soup in a ceramic boul

Chiquetaille De Morue

Seafood is the star ingredient in St. Maarten, and one way to find that out is by trying this codfish-based entree. Shredded codfish mixed with hot pepper vinaigrette, Chiquetaille De Moruemay be complicated to pronounce but easily devoured.

Crab Backs

Or, if you’re not into snails and codfish, St. Maarten has crabs for you. Deshelled crabs seasoned with jalapenos, local peppers, and spices then filled into the shell to be breaded and fried, crab backs are a favorite amongst locals and tourists.


And if you want a hearty dish that tantalizes your tastebuds, try locri. Locri is made of rice, vegetables, and meat like seafood or chicken. Cooked together in a steaming hot pot, locri is sure to fill your stomach and heart!

Codfish Fritters

You may have had various types of fritters, but none would beat codfish fritters! A simple dish that has been embraced by locals and those who immigrated to St. Maarten, codfish fritters are common on both sides of the island.

Visit, Relocate, or Retire in St. Maarten!

Has this food list tempted you to visit St. Maarten? Luckily for you, we at BrightPath Caribbean can help. Whether you want to start a business, set up a bank account, or relocate to St. Maarten, contact us. You can also schedule a free Zoom consultation by clicking here.

Four Reasons to Retire in St. Maarten

There are many reasons to retire in St. Maarten, from the beautiful beaches and luxury resorts to the low cost of living and friendly locals. For starters, St. Maarten is a tax-free jurisdiction, which means that retirees can keep more money in their pockets. The cost of living is also relatively low, making it easy for retirees to get by on a fixed budget. And thanks to the excellent infrastructure, a retiree can get by without a car or driver’s license.

If you want to retire in the Caribbean, get in touch with BrightPath Caribbean.

There are many perks of retiring in St. Maarten, from the island’s natural beauty and temperate climate to its relaxed lifestyle and world-class health care system. Here are some more:

1.     The Weather

The weather is the number one reason people move to St. Maarten. The temperatures are always comfortable, the sun is shining, and the breeze is blowing. There’s never a need for a coat, and you can always find a spot in the sun to relax.

In addition to the perfect weather, St. Maarten offers various activities to keep you busy. You can go sailing, windsurfing, diving, or snorkeling any day of the week. And if you want to explore the island, there are plenty of hiking and biking trails to choose from.

2.     The People

One of the best reasons to retire in the Caribbean is the people. They are warm, friendly, and welcoming, always going out of their way to make you feel at home. From the moment you arrive, you’ll feel like one of the family.

The locals are always happy to share a bit of their culture and history with you, and they take great pride in their island paradise. You’re sure to make some lifelong friends during your time here.

3.     The Lifestyle

One of the biggest reasons to retire in St. Maarten is the incredible quality of life you can enjoy here. St. Maarten is a small, Dutch-speaking island nation located in the northeast corner of the Caribbean Sea. It shares an island with the French territory of Saint-Martin, and together they make up the smallest country in the world by land area. St. Maarten is a vibrant, modern country with a diverse economy and rich culture despite its small size.

4.     The Healthcare

The healthcare system in St. Maarten is one of the main reasons people retire here. The island has a modern, well-equipped hospital and a wide range of excellent doctors, specialists, and nurses. The hospital is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and offers a full range of services, from routine checkups to major surgery.

There are also several private clinics on the island offering excellent care. And if you need specialized care that is not available in St. Maarten, the hospital has excellent working relationships with hospitals in the United States, Canada, and Europe

An older man with a phone in hand trying to contact a retirement consultant.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and beautiful place to retire, look no further than St. Maarten! This island has a lot to offer retirees, from stunning beaches and crystal-clear water to a relaxed, laid-back lifestyle. Plus, St. Maarten is a great place to do business, with a strong economy and a welcoming business climate. If you’re interested in living in St Maarten, contact us today for more information about our relocation to Caribbean services. We can help you with your process of immigration to St. Maarten.

St. Maarten or St. Martin’s: Where Should You Settle?

St. Maarten and St. Martin are two islands located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. The two islands share a name but are divided into two different countries: St. Maarten is a territory of the Netherlands, while St. Martin belongs to France. Although they share the same name, the cultures of the two islands are quite different. This can be seen in the food, music, and architecture on each island. So which island should you settle on?

That depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for an island with lots of things to do, then St. Maarten is the better choice. But if you’re looking for a quieter and more relaxed environment, St. Martin is your best bet.

If you’re planning to move to Sint Maarten, get in touch with Bright Path Caribbean.

Let’s take a look at the details of each island to help you decide which one is right for you!

1.     The pros and cons of each island

There are two sides to every story, which is certainly the case for the Caribbean Island of St. Maarten/St. Martin.

St. Maarten

St. Maarten offers stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, lush vegetation, and vibrant nightlife. It is also home to some of the best shopping in the Caribbean. St. Martin is more low-key and less commercialized than its sister island, making it perfect for those who want to enjoy its natural beauty.

On the other hand, St. Maarten is a very expensive destination, and prices for food, accommodations, and other services are among the highest in the Caribbean. St. Martin has seen increased crime recently; however, it remains relatively safe compared to many other Caribbean islands.

St. Martin

St. Martin has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. There are miles and miles of white sand beaches with powdery, fine sand that you can walk on for hours without ever having to turn around. And while there are a few larger resorts along the island’s coasts, there are also several smaller, family-run resorts and hotels as well.

However, St. Martin is an island with two halves. The French side is where the international airport is located and has most of the best hotels and restaurants. However, St. Martin has only one decent road connecting the French side to the Dutch side, which means that if you are staying on the Dutch side, you have to take a ferry or a water taxi to get around (unless you want to drive yourself).

2.     How to choose the right island for you

If you’re looking for a Caribbean Island to call your home, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before deciding on relocating to the Caribbean. For example, are you looking for a bustling nightlife scene, or would you prefer to relax on a secluded beach? Language, culture, and location are key factors to consider when choosing between St. Maarten and St. Martin.

A beach view for people planning to move to Sint Maarten.

Are you thinking about retiring in the Caribbean? Or maybe moving to the Caribbean? You’ll need to choose between St. Maarten and St. Martin. Both islands are wonderful places to retire or do business, but each has its unique benefits and drawbacks. Contact us today to find out more about the pros and cons of each island, and we’ll help you make the right decision for your immigration needs.

BrightPath Caribbean