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About Us

About Us

Live, retire, work, or start a business in the Caribbean with BrightPath Caribbean. Let’s talk about your dreams in the lands of sun, sea, and sand.

About Us

Helping you pave the path towards your new life on the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten!

A tropical paradise awaits you in the Caribbean islands but reaching it alone can be a challenge. That’s why we’re here to help!

Relocating, retiring, and starting a business in the Caribbean involves complicated, multi-step processes. Not to mention the common obstacles — complex paperwork, long delays, and unexpected fees.

We at BrightPath Caribbean offer unparalleled immigration and business support, so you don’t have to shoulder the stress of doing it yourself. Our experienced consultants offer steady support, transparent communication, and in-depth knowledge of processes and regulations for you and your business.

We make your move easy, quick, and efficient!

With attractive pricing for immigration permits starting as low as $2200 per person / no renewals*

*Subject to terms and conditions, and applicability.


Immigration and Corporate Services Experience

Vivian Chamas

General Manager, Caribbean Region

Nuris Edwards

Manager, Immigration Services

Florizelle Gumbs

Client Support Services

Daniela Tineo

Marketing Manager

Meet Our Team

Since 2013, BrightPath Caribbean has been the preferred provider of immigration and business set and banking services in Sint Maarten.

Since then, we have expanded our services, as well as our service area. We provide immigration, business incorporation, business banking setup, and retirement planning in Sint Maarten, St. Kitts & Nevis, Anguilla, Antigua, Belize, and Dominica.

Whichever service is required, whichever Caribbean country someone wants to move to, our team will handle the process the Bright way.

The team at BrightPath Caribbean is committed to ensuring moves to or investment in Sint. Maarten or other neighboring islands is quick, easy, and transparent from start to finish.

The friendly and helpful staff of BrightPath Caribbean are experts at handling a range of immigration, business incorporation, investment, retirement planning, and business banking setup needs. Our multicultural team has more than a decade of combined experience, with strong and intellectual women leading the processes of assisting clients with immigration and investment concerns.

With everyone in the team speaking at least two languages, clients can be sure that there will be no communication concerns while explaining their wonderful ideas. To experience the difference having a “Bright” team makes, contact BrightPath Caribbean today to schedule a consultation!


We are constantly pushing the islands, developing constant collaborations with the best travel portals and influencers on the island.


This is a tricky one. The answer is no, a separate work permit is not needed. However, in St. Maarten residency matters are separate and apart from work permits. Therefore, a residency permit (an immigration process) is required for any US national that exercises his or her employment on the island. All residency applications for US nationals must be supported by a certificate of good conduct (also referred to as a police record) along with proof of sufficient income to sustain their stay on St. Maarten.

While there are no guarantees that your file will be approved by the local authorities, it is important to do your research and respect the rules. In most cases, unless you are a US national or citizen of The Netherlands, you will need to await the decision of your application abroad. You can obtain information directly at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Services. However, if you can afford to hire a trusted, licensed, and reputable service provider, it’s recommended that you do so. This is likely to improve your chances of an approval to your request.

Work permit requests are applicable to persons who are non-nationals of The Netherlands and the United States of America. Additionally, it’s important to consider that there are age restrictions attached to the request in efforts to protect the local job market. Applicants must be a minimum of 25 years of age and no older than 57 years of age in order to qualify.

There are immigration programs that would allow qualifying applicants to relocate their immediate family. Group family requests can be submitted simultaneously under the guidelines of Family Reunification. It’s important to note that the primary applicant must have sufficient means of income to support him/herself as head of household as well as additional family dependents. If you obtained residency and subsequently wanted to bring in your immediate family under the Family Formation guidelines, this may be possible once the request has been submitted within the first year of issuance of your residency permit, assuming all other remaining criteria have been met.

The answer is yes, depending on the purchase price and market value of the property. In both instances, the minimum threshold is USD 255,000 in order to qualify. The purchase price has to be substantiated by the notarial deed of transfer and a valuation report by a locally licensed appraiser may be required to support the market value.

Absolutely yes! St. Maarten, like its Caribbean counterparts, boasts spectacular beaches and a laid-back lifestyle. Retirees love the great selection of restaurants, food and beverage, and stocked supermarkets – especially the European flair with the assortment of wine, cheese, and gourmet items. St. Maarten is also duty-free and property tax-free which makes it a preferred destination for retirees. For more information on immigration guidelines for retiring in St Maarten, email us at

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