7 Facts You Didn’t Know About St. Maarten

7 Facts You Didn’t Know About St. Maarten

The Caribbean is made up of more than 700 islands, reefs, and islets. And out of all those amazing places, St. Maarten is definitely one you won’t want to miss! With its unique blend of cultures, stunning beaches, and delicious food, it’s no wonder why so many people have fallen in love with this Caribbean gem. If you’re thinking of visiting or even moving to St. Maarten, here are some fun facts you might not have heard about yet.

One Island, Two Governments

St. Maarten and Saint Martin are two halves of the island jointly owned by the Dutch and the French. The south half, St. Maarten, is an independent territory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, whereas France owns the northern half and it is an overseas collectivity of the French Republic.

Smallest Co-Shared Land

St. Maarten is the smallest area in the world that’s co-shared by two countries. With a total covered area of 87 kilometers square, St. Maarten is the smallest populated island as well as the only one of this size to have two different governing bodies, making it a fascinating place to visit.

Oldest Open Border

Ever since the treaty of Concordia in 1648, the Dutch and French have kept open borders in St. Maarten, thus making it the oldest open border in the world. Tourists may notice border monuments on both sides of the island but can freely move from one part to the other. This makes Sint Maarten a very special place where you can live and spend time, go to the beach, do groceries or go to restaurants in a different country any time you wish.

Capital with a Beach

Phillipsburg is the capital of St. Maarten, it was founded by a Scottish captain employed in the Dutch navy named John Philips in 1763, and it has its own beach called Great Bay! With pristine, warm, and inviting waters, it is simply spectacular. If you are visiting the Island, you should spend one day in Philipsburg, walk around, have a drink, do some shopping, and enjoy a sunny day at the beach.

airplane landing maho beach sint maarten

Beach with an Airport

Maho Beach is a must-visit for travelers and a fun activity for residents, it is unique due to The Princess Juliana International Airport having its runway right there, just a few meters away from the beach, making Maho Beach very famous for its plane-spotting experience, where incoming planes fly just meters above visitors’ heads. It is the world’s most famous beach for this spectacle. It’s the perfect place to capture an Instagram-worthy shot of a jumbo jet passing overhead.

Hundred Cultures

According to St. Maarten’s government, the country hosts over a hundred different nationalities and cultures in a population of less than a hundred thousand. This makes St. Maarten one of the smallest yet richest multicultural populations in the world. Due to this reason, you can enjoy a huge range of cuisines in the country.

Strong Sea Hold

Due to its unique geographic location and strong ties to the European and North American countries, St. Maarten is the hub of sea transport and home to many cargo companies in the eastern Caribbean. Sint Maarten has the most important cargo and cruise ship port in the region.

Make St. Maarten your Home

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