Caribbean Immigration 101: Your Ultimate Guide to Caribbean Relocation

Caribbean Immigration 101: Your Ultimate Guide to Caribbean Relocation

In the last decade, many American families have moved to the Caribbean. Some have done so to enjoy a better quality of life, while others opted to immigrate to the Caribbean for the stability most Caribbean islands offer.

Whatever your reason for relocating may be, the process can seem a bit complicated. But if you’re determined to make this life-changing decision, you can do it!

Here is your ultimate guide to Caribbean relocation. Read, learn, and pack your bags!


Before doing anything, commence your search. During the search phase, you may want to visit a few Caribbean islands for a vacation and get the feel of it. While visiting, do some diligent research to decide three important things.

  1. Island – at this stage, you want to make up your mind about the island you want to move to.
  2. Immigration consultant – you may also want to meet a few Caribbean immigration consultantsto finalize one.
  3. Cost of living and amenities – interact with ex-pats and learn about their cost of living and their experiences regarding amenities. Different islands have different costs of living and facilities, be mindful.

Make a Financial Plan

While living in the Caribbean is cheaper than living in the U.S., one must have a financial safety plan in place. You may want to start a business, work for an employer, or continue working remotely and enjoy the tax benefits of foreign-sourced income.

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Learn About Healthcare System

While the Caribbean healthcare system is comparatively affordable, you still don’t want to take risks. Thoroughly look at the healthcare facilities and learn about medical insurances you need to invest in. Medicaid won’t work outside the U.S., so have your backup plan ready.

Pick an Immigration Route

Relocation to the Caribbean can be fulfilled via multiple routes. The Caribbean islands offer Residency by Investment Program, Pensioner Program for retirees, and work permits for those who want to come and work in the Caribbean. You can choose a route based on your circumstances.

Hire an Immigration Consultant

Once you have visited an island (and probably made a decision), hire a reliable immigration consultant. If you want to move to St. Maarten, you can connect with us at BrightPath Caribbean. We are a Caribbean immigration and business consultancy offering services in six Caribbean islands. We also offer services to set up a bank account in the Caribbean.

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