Here How’s You Can Buy Land in St. Maarten

Here How’s You Can Buy Land in St. Maarten

Buzzing nightlife, upscale neighborhoods, and home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, St. Maarten is the perfect choice to relocate or invest in. The 37 square mile island is the smallest known island in the world, and immigration to St. Maarten is comparatively easier than in other Caribbean countries.

In case you have been looking to relocate to St. Maarten or want to invest in one of the best islands in the Caribbean, this blog is your ultimate guide. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about buying property in St. Maarten right here.

St. Maarten or Saint Martin?

If you go online and look up St. Maarten, you’ll find what you’ll assume to be two spellings of the same place: St. Maarten and Saint Martin. Interestingly, these two spellings denote the two halves of St. Maarten island, the northern and the southern, owned by the Netherlands and France, respectively.

Both the islands have different governing bodies and somewhat variance in rules. What’s similar is the serenity, public security, and investment returns in both the halves co-owned by the Dutch and the French.

In this blog, we’ll guide you about buying property in St. Maarten – the Dutch-owned territory.

Benefits of Buying Land in St. Maarten

Here are some of the benefits of investing in St. Maarten:

  1. Lucrative and booming real estate sector
  2. Numerous posh neighborhoods and luxurious villas, condos, etc.
  3. No annual property tax
  4. Duty-free shopping all across the southern part of the island
  5. Business opportunities with small capital investment
  6. Safe quality of life and hub of international sea transport
  7. Major Caribbean tourist destination
  8. Not overcrowded hence serene and abundant in resources

Property in St. Maarten

How to Buy Land in St. Maarten

Here’s what you need to do to buy land in St. Maarten as a foreigner:

Find a Consultant

An immigration, business, or relocation agency can help you in many matters when you set foot in St. Maarten. Albeit the processes to acquire land in the region are easier, there is some paperwork and permits involved for which you’ll need the help of a consultant.

Begin the Search

Your consultant or a reliable realtor can help you find the right property to buy on the island. If you’re moving to St. Maarten, look for a villa or condo that’s best for your family’s needs. Size, location, budget, and amenities are some of the key factors in finding the right property. For investment, your realtor will tell you about the lucrative opportunities.

Seal the Deal

Once you have finalized the property, your consultant will fulfill the necessary paperwork requirements of the local government. You can then seal the deal and enjoy the life St. Maarten has to offer.

Settle in St. Maarten

If you plan to live in St. Maarten for the rest of your life, you can obtain a residency permit with the help of an immigration consultant like BrightPath Caribbean. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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