How Can BrightPath Support Your Business Investment in St. Maarten?

How Can The BrightPath Team Help You?

If you are considering starting a business in the Caribbean island of St Maarten, or you already have your business up and running, rely on the team at BrightPath to provide you with completely integrated business services.

Vivian Chamas can advise you on corporate structure and market trends.

Kishanna Hodge can guide you on all the requirements for company formation, gather the documentation and oversee the entire process on your behalf, including ordering the relevant licenses for you to conduct business seamlessly on the island.

Sandra Sanon will be able to support you in keeping your business compliant on a monthly and annual basis – from ensuring your licenses and Chamber registrations are up to date, to seeing that your monthly records are on file and registered at the necessary government agencies.

Erilia Rombley is our in-house expert with labor matters.  Labor registrations, personnel checklists, and work permits for specialized staff are diligently handled.

Nuris Edwards has gathered years of experience in immigration matters.  She can assist you with residency permit requests for business investors, retirees, home-owners from abroad, and family reunion matters for qualifying applicants.

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For assistance on how to open a business bank account in St. Maarten or to schedule a free consultation, please fill out our contact form, or give us a call at +1 (721) 554-8900.

You can also WhatsApp us at +1 (721) 526-2771 or click the Live Chat button on your bottom right!

Why Go With Us?


Our team of experts is always ready to help you with your immigration, business incorporation and banking needs in the Caribbean.

Full Transparency

Our team will guide you through the immigration or business start-up process so you know what’s happening every step of the way.


We have been the Caribbean’s most trusted and reliable immigration and business incorporation service provider for almost a decade.

Start a New Business in St. Maarten

In 3 Easy Steps:

How to Start a Business in St. Maarten - Step 1

Contact Us

Send a message here, or give us a call to set-up a free consultation and we’ll show you how simple it is to start a new business in St. Maarten!

How to Start a Business in St. Maarten - Step 2

Provide Required Doc's

We’ll work closely with you to ensure you have all the required documents to start a business here in St. Maarten.

How to Start a Business in St. Maarten - Step 3

Get Approved & Start!

Once all of the required business licenses are approved and issued, you can start your business in St. Maarten and apply for residency!

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