How long Can American citizen stay in Sint Maarten?

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Are you an American citizen that’s planning on visiting St. Maarten as a tourist and wondering how long you can stay here? BrightPath Caribbean is your most reliable source for up-to-date information regarding travel requirements to Sint Maarten. As of this publication in July 2020, American citizens do NOT need a visa to visit St. Maarten and can stay up to six (6) months uninterrupted. As an American citizen, you may also be able to extend your stay, but you must apply first, and also have valid health insurance that covers you for your entire stay in Sint Maarten. There are many various sources that mention a different amount of days an American can stay in St. Maarten, however, 6 months is the official duration from Sint Maarten government officials.


    Entry Requirements for American Citizens. Upon arrival in St. Maarten by air or sea, you must present:

    • American passport that is valid upon entry, and for the entire duration of your stay;
    • Completed and signed Embarkation and Disembarkation card (ED card);
    • Valid return ticket;
    • Valid hotel/resort reservation, or proof of owned property while staying;
    • Proof of sufficient financial means for travel ($100 to $200USD per day)

    Please note, that the final entry to St. Maarten remains with the border control officer. The Immigration and Border Protection Service (IBP) reserves, at all times, the authority to grant or refuse your entry.

    Duration of Stay for American Citizens

    The maximum amount of days that an American can visit St. Maarten is six (6) months, uninterrupted, with a possibility to extend stay to up to 6 months.

    Extension of Stay for American Citizens

    All American visitors who wish to stay longer than 6 months can apply for an extension of stay, however, the approval is not always guaranteed. If you do get approved to stay in St. Maarten for longer than 6 months as an American citizen, you must have valid health insurance that covers you for the entire stay here on the island.

    Source: Sint Maarten Goverment


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    Disclaimer:  Our articles are not intended as (legal) advice and do not take your personal circumstances into consideration. BrightPath does not accept any liability for damages resulting from using the provided information. We highly recommend you to seek personalized advice from us or before you act or fail to act because of the content of our articles. BrightPath is a privately-owned consulting firm that assists clients with filing applications for residence permits and/or business licenses at the relevant government departments. None of our directors, employees or agents hold or have held any position with the government of Sint Maarten and our service does not provide for any preferential treatment with regards to any application. All information provided and statements made only serve to provide you with a general understanding of immigration, residence and business incorporation procedures on Sint Maarten.

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