How to apply for a work permit in Sint Maarten with BrightPath

How to apply for a work permit in Sint Maarten with BrightPath


If you are a Human Resources Manager within an organization or a business owner alike, you can understand the importance of sourcing the right candidate for a vacant or upcoming position. At BrightPath Caribbean, we specialize in immigration and work permit services to assist you in legalizing the indicated candidate for the position if the same cannot be filled by a resident or national. Interested in a specialized and confidential consultation? Email us to schedule yours at info@brightpathcaribbean.com

An employment (work) permit is a legal document granting an employer permission to hire non-Dutch citizens, as well as non-nationals of the United States of America, to work in a specific function for a specific period of time.

Any employer who wants to employ a non-Dutch citizen or a non-citizen of the United States must request an employment permit from the Department of Labor Affairs. The process for an employment permit may take a maximum of 6 weeks (although turnaround times vary) and applications may either be first-time requests or renewals/extensions of already existing employment permits.

The following is a general list of requirements applicable to First-Time Requests for the (prospective) employee:

  1. A copy of the entire passport evidencing the applicant remains abroad
  2. A recent (Dutch-sized) passport picture
  3. Information on the education background of the non-national supported with notarized copies of diplomas, certificates, and reference letters from country of origin
  4. An off-island declaration signed by the employer

For renewals or extensions of work permit requests the following apply:

Employers who wish to extend an employment permit or change an employee will need the following:

  1. Registration form from the Census Office of the Employee
  2. Copy of the present residence and employment permit of the Employee
  3. A copy of a valid passport, a recent passport picture of the Employee
  4. A valid medical insurance of the Employee
  5. Information on the educational background of the non-national supported by notarized copies of diplomas, certificates and reference letters from country of origin
  6. The crib number for the non-national

Requirements to obtain an Employment Permit from the (business) Employer:

  1. Proof of the labor registration of the current year
  2. Proof of notification of vacancy supported by relevant job description
  3. Proof that the ad was placed in the local newspapers and if possible other territories of the Dutch Antilles
  4. A copy of the labor agreement which must indicate the salary, duration, working hours and position
  5. Summary form of monthly taxes stating (wage tax/AOV/) receipts confirming no outstanding

Note – The following persons DO NOT need to obtain an employment permit for the purposes of employment on St Maarten:

  1. Persons married to a Dutch citizen with legal residency on Sint Maarten
  2. Persons in possession of an indefinite residence permit
  3. Dutch citizens
  4. US nationals with legal residency on Sint Maarten
  5. Residents 18 years old with five years’ previous (uninterrupted) consecutive resident permits guaranteed by a parent or guardian.

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