How to Get Residency in St. Maarten

How to Get Residency in St. Maarten


With warm weather, a relaxed style of living, and beautiful nature everywhere you look, there is no doubt why living in Sint Maarten is a dream for many.

Moving to any place implies several steps and things you need to consider before taking the next step. Relocation always means a real estate search, gathering personal documents for your immigration process, finding the proper school if you have kids, getting your pets ready to travel by meeting the requirements of the new country, and sometimes means opening a new business or starting a new job. All these things are exciting and overwhelming at the same time, this is why having the right assistance around is of great value.

Sint Maarten is a multi-cultural island, making it a very highly attractive location for anyone looking to relocate here. One of the great facts about St, Maarten is its international connectivity, with direct flights from Europe, the USA, and most of the surrounding islands, Sint Maarten also has the biggest port in the region with no import-export taxes, meaning you can move and bring your personal belongings and even your vehicle with ease, and no property taxes for your real estate investment.


Adapting to St. Maarten won’t be an issue when you love the Caribbean style of living. Small changes will always take place, like a change in your wardrobe, so, get ready to live life in flip-flops!

Once you become a resident, you will integrate easily, opening a bank account won’t be an issue, and finding a property, purchasing, and getting a loan with a local bank if you wish, will be easier as a resident.

It is important to have professional assistance throughout the process, accurate information and experience will make a difference in any relocation process. BrightPath Caribbean has handled more than 1,800 files, we believe in clear information, and we know the importance of time frames for any person moving and making a lifestyle change, our team will support you during the first application and will follow-up and send you reminders for your residency renewals (if it applies to you).


At BrightPath Caribbean we are experts in immigration to St. Maarten, with over 10 years of experience, we have become the point of reference for trusted immigration and corporate services, so, before you move to the island, get in touch with us to find out how we can simplify your move to St. Maarten. Immigrating to St. Maarten can be a complicated process, but if you have the necessary documents in order and can pay the associated fees, you should be able to obtain residency in a few months!

Residing legally in Sint Maarten will depend on how the applicant chooses to obtain residency. It could be as an investor, or a business start-up, maybe a local employer wants to offer an employment opportunity to a prospective team member abroad or you have decided to retire in St Maarten and enjoy the warm weather.


The list of documents needed to apply for residency in St. Maarten is quite similar to the immigration requirements in most countries. The local authorities will need to know your personal information in documents such as passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, and sometimes death or divorce certificates. The applicant will have to show financial documentation, the approval of a work permit from the labor department in Sint Maarten, or the purchase of real estate. It will all depend on what program you will be applying for residency.

BrightPath Caribbean can assist you with your document ordering and save you all the turmoil that comes with it and all the additional steps involved, from following up on the ordered documents to the legalization or the apostilled requirements, and receiving them in our office, saving you valuable time and minimizing any stress. *

Every case is different, this is why booking a consultation with our team should be your next step. You will receive tailored information to your needs and discuss in detail the requirements for the program that works best for you.

*Service subject to applicant’s nationality



1. What are some key considerations for individuals planning to relocate to St. Maarten, and how can professional assistance simplify the process?

Relocating to St. Maarten involves several steps such as real estate search, immigration documentation, schooling for children, and pet travel preparations. Professional assistance, like that provided by BrightPath Caribbean, can streamline the process by offering accurate information and guidance tailored to individual needs.

2. What are the advantages of residing in St. Maarten, particularly in terms of lifestyle, banking, and property ownership?

St. Maarten offers a relaxed Caribbean lifestyle with international connectivity, making it attractive for residents. Becoming a resident facilitates easy integration, including opening bank accounts and purchasing property with local bank loans. Moreover, the absence of property taxes and import-export taxes further enhances the appeal of residing in St. Maarten.

3. What are the typical document requirements for applying for residency in St. Maarten, and how can BrightPath Caribbean assist applicants in navigating this process?

Document requirements for residency in St. Maarten include personal identification documents, financial documentation, and proof of work permit approval or real estate purchase. BrightPath Caribbean offers assistance in document ordering, legalization, and follow-up, tailored to individual needs, thereby saving applicants time and minimizing stress in the application process.

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