Seven Foods to Try On Your Next Visit to St. Maarten

Seven Foods to Try On Your Next Visit to St. Maarten

The part Dutch and part French Caribbean island St. Maarten or Saint Martin has many claims to fame. From being the smallest co-habited landmass to boasting an airport on the beach, St. Maarten is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean.

Even for a few days, life in St. Maarten is full of wonderful and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Cultural diversity, exotic beaches, shopping sprees, and great food are all offered in this gourmet capital of the Caribbean.

So whether you’re a first-time visitor to St. Maarten or have witnessed the beautiful side of life there before, take a note of this blog. Here we’ll tell you seven foods you can absolutely not miss on your next trip to St. Maarten!

Let’s start watering our mouths!


Call-Aloo, a local delicacy, is a popular dish in St. Maarten. Made with greens like soy, spinach, kale, and callaloo (a spinach-like vegetable); this soup can warm you up. Seasoned with local herbs, pepper, onion, and topped with pork, you can’t miss this soup at all!

Johnny Cakes

Also called journey cakes, Johnny cakes are the local version of pancakes made with corn. Slightly sweet, very light, and puffy, these cakes are a day snack, breakfast dish, and a side for dinner. Fortunately, Johnny cakes are the easiest to find in St. Maarten, as most popular restaurants have them on their menu.

Conch and Dumplings

If you want to redefine your seafood experience in the Caribbean, try conch and dumplings in St. Maarten. Made of snail broth coupled with corn dumplings and seasoned with local spices, this gravy will make you want to move to St. Maarten for good!

Dumpling soup in a ceramic boul

Chiquetaille De Morue

Seafood is the star ingredient in St. Maarten, and one way to find that out is by trying this codfish-based entree. Shredded codfish mixed with hot pepper vinaigrette, Chiquetaille De Moruemay be complicated to pronounce but easily devoured.

Crab Backs

Or, if you’re not into snails and codfish, St. Maarten has crabs for you. Deshelled crabs seasoned with jalapenos, local peppers, and spices then filled into the shell to be breaded and fried, crab backs are a favorite amongst locals and tourists.


And if you want a hearty dish that tantalizes your tastebuds, try locri. Locri is made of rice, vegetables, and meat like seafood or chicken. Cooked together in a steaming hot pot, locri is sure to fill your stomach and heart!

Codfish Fritters

You may have had various types of fritters, but none would beat codfish fritters! A simple dish that has been embraced by locals and those who immigrated to St. Maarten, codfish fritters are common on both sides of the island.

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