Brenda Wohlfarth

Overall, a great experience! The team at BrightPath took charge, reassured me that things would get done, and helped guide me through the entire process! I honestly couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you!!

Brenda Fioretti

We used BrightPath to help us get our residency on Sint Maarten. They are amazing! The process is long, arduous and includes a mountain of paperwork. They walked us through every step and made it painless for us. They even had to dress me for the Government meeting as I was showing shoulders which is not acceptable! They thought of everything! I would definitely highly recommend them to anyone needing immigration or residency assistance.

Chuck Bourquardez

While the process to obtain our permanent residency permits took longer than anticipated, BrightPath Caribbean representatives supported us throughout the process. There were many factors that contributed to this length of time including misplaced mail by UPS, U.S. and St. Maarten Government bureaucracies amplified by Covid restrictions, longer USPS delivery times, and additional documents requested by the St. Maarten Government, and the need to attach an Apostille to the original documents. Throughout the process, all company representatives were respectively professional, knowledgeable, and congenial.

Initially, I felt that the fees were high, but I subsequently understood the value of their services, expertise, and professional relationships that helped us navigate through the residency requirements that ensured a smooth process… Our investment in BrightPath Caribbean saved us unnecessary costs, delays, and stress.

Ray Roush

If you have come to Sint Maarten, and fallen for its very particular beauty, charm, and friendliness, and have gone another step further and either bought, rented, or leased a home or other dwelling, then you perhaps have already considered obtaining permanent residency, as we did. The process can be daunting, and it is one we found quickly that we needed help with. The wonderful, professional, and talented staff at BrightPath Caribbean guided us every step, and brought us across the finish line in spite of COVID-19 and other obstacles. We highly recommend BrightPath.

BrightPath Caribbean