5 Common Mistakes Before Moving to Sint Maarten

5 Common Mistakes Before Moving to Sint Maarten


Congratulations! You’ve decided you want to move to St. Maarten! Whether you need to get a work permit, start a business, or obtain a residency permit, BrightPath Caribbean can help make your move to St. Maarten easy!

Moving to another country is an exciting opportunity, but there’s a lot to consider since it does present some unique challenges. Often moving to a new country involves navigating new languages, new climates, and new people. It can be intimidating and overwhelming but working with immigration and business start-up professionals can make the process simpler.

Before moving to St. Maarten, read our guide below to avoid some of the most common mistakes people make when moving to the Caribbean.

5 Mistakes people make when moving to St. Maarten:

1. Not doing enough research: If you choose to move to St. Maarten with or without a company, you need to do your own research to learn about St. Maarten’s immigration process.

There are also several questions you need to ask yourself before moving to St. Maarten:

  • How much money should I have for the first 6 months? One year?
  • What are the fees to apply for residency/immigration?
  • What documents do I need to apply for immigration in St. Maarten?
  • How long does the immigration process take?
  • Am I allowed to be in the country while my residency application is being processed?
  • Are work permits different than residency papers?
  • How long am I allowed to stay in St. Maarten?

There are many questions that you need to ask yourself before you before deciding to move to St. Maarten. Do your research so that you can make an informed decision about moving to St. Maarten.

2. Getting too much advice: When you decide to move to St. Maarten, you’ll notice how many people suddenly have moving advice for you. Just because a friend moved to the Caribbean in the 70s or your aunt moved to St. Maarten 10 years ago, it does not mean that their information is still valid. Each country of origin has different requirements so the advice might be about another country and might not be the requirements for your country of origin. You can get overwhelmed quickly by stories of easy immigration and nightmares of deportation.

For up-to-date and reliable information about moving to St. Maarten check reliable websites like:




3. Not completing St. Maarten’s immigration application correctly: Once you have begun the process of moving to St. Maarten, having the necessary documents and meeting the immigration requirements are very important. The number one reason for not getting approved is incorrect or incomplete applications. Having all of your documents in order and completely filled out is crucial. One incomplete form or missing document can mean having to start the immigration process all over again. For help with immigration to St. Maarten, contact BrightPath Caribbean today!

4. Assuming the process will be quick and easy: Moving to St. Maarten – much like other countries around the world – is not a simple, straightforward process. There are forms to fill out, documents to order, fees to pay and a lot of waiting involved. Be patient, stay focused and know that your dream of moving to St. Maarten will soon be a reality!

5. Applying for immigration to St. Maarten alone: The easiest way to avoid the mistakes found above is to hire immigration specialists – like BrightPath Caribbean – for your move to St. Maarten. While it is an additional expense, having immigration specialists handling your move to St. Maarten is highly recommended and worth it! BrightPath Caribbean keeps open and clear lines of communication and will help you every step of the way. BrightPath Caribbean specializes in immigration to St. Maarten so we will fill out the forms, provide you with document checklists and wait in line at the office of Immigration and Border Protection Service (IBP) for you.

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