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Expert Tips for a Seamless Real Estate Transition from USA to St. Maarten. 

Breathtaking views, sun-kissed shores, and tranquility, combined with the potential of a wise real estate investment, makes St. Maarten an irresistible destination for property enthusiasts and people looking to relocate to this unique island.   

BrightPath Caribbean offers complete relocation solutions with our team of experts and professional referral partners. Book a consultation today and start a flawless transition from the USA to St. Maarten.   

Now, let the expertise of Andre Williams be your compass to the best direction with three tips if you have been contemplating relocation from the USA to St. Maarten while managing real estate assets.    


Why does Andre Williams like St. Maarten? And what are his expert tips?

I am attracted to St. Maarten like you because of its perfect climate, azure ocean views and secluded tranquility. It also affords an incredible opportunity to a buy a primary or second home or purchase commercial property with a high rate of return. If you are seriously interested in purchasing a property in St. Maarten, you want to engage BrightPath Caribbean to help you find a property. Similarly, I am a real estate attorney and real estate investor so I can help you navigate the process of compliance with US tax rules and provide guidance on estate planning and corporate structuring for your real estate purchase in St. Maarten.   


Finding a Property

You should think about purchasing property of any kind in St. Maarten much like pursuing a long-term relationship. You should research the demography of the island and its culture, visit the island and stay in a prospective location long enough to become familiar with the area. You may also want to explore the community of expatriates here and local customs. Vivian and her team at BrightPath Caribbean can help you learn the market and evaluate whether you are getting a “good deal”. The good news is that you have an excuse to pack your bags for this due diligence.  


Foreign Ownership Rules  

Many countries have specific limitations on foreign ownership of land. For example, in Mexico there are limitations on foreign ownership of property within 31 miles of the coast. In other countries, non-citizens may be required to obtain special residence permits or register with a government agency prior to closing a home purchase.   

St. Maarten has no restrictions on foreign ownership and encourages real estate investment by persons from other countries.  


U.S. Tax Rules/ Estate Planning/ Corporate Structure  

The last piece of foreign property ownership is accounting for any income or gain you may accrue due to the property. As a U.S. citizen, you are required to report to the IRS on your worldwide transactions. In addition, there are some other very onerous reporting requirements and penalties of $10,000 or more so please consult with me at the beginning of a transaction to ensure that you the transaction is structured properly, and you are protected from exposure.   

Foreign real estate can be a smart investment – as long as you do your due diligence upfront, consult with an experienced US based real estate attorney and advisors, and keep good records as you go. 


Do you have any questions?

Contact us today for a free consultation and let us guide you throughout the process!


How does banking in Sint Maarten work?

The Caribbean region is a diverse and enchanting destination that not only boasts stunning natural beauty but also holds significant economic potential and investment opportunities. Year after year, more and more individuals are turning their attention to this vibrant area, whether it’s for significant real estate projects or the desire to start a business or retire in a place that offers a better quality of life. As the team at BrightPath Caribbean engages with clients and conducts consultations, one of the most frequently asked questions is: What about banking? 

The answer to this question is not straightforward and depends on several factors. Let’s delve deeper into the world of banking in the Caribbean, with a specific focus on personal and business banking in Sint Maarten. 

When it comes to personal banking in Sint Maarten, opening a personal bank account is only possible if you are a legal resident. The process is quite similar to that of any other banking institution. You will need to provide documents such as your identification or residency document, proof of income, and perhaps a letter of recommendation from another bank. Additionally, you may be required to make an initial deposit to the account. All of these requirements must be fulfilled in person at the bank branch of your preference. If you are interested in opening a bank account but need assistance becoming a legal resident first, we are here to help. Request your free consultation with us, and we will guide you through the process step by step. 

On the other hand, establishing a business bank account in Sint Maarten is a slightly more complex procedure. Fortunately, at BrightPath, our corporate services team is well-equipped to handle your banking needs from start to finish. Setting up a business bank account in Sint Maarten requires an operational business or private fund foundation with all the necessary documentation to prove proper incorporation and fiscal activity. Our team can provide expert guidance and support throughout this process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for your business. 

banking in sint maarten

When it comes to selecting the right banking institution for your business, it is essential to consider various factors. You will need to assess the services and rates offered by different banks, taking into account the specific requirements of your business model. For example, if your business relies on receiving credit card payments, you may need a bank that provides suitable merchant account services. Alternatively, if your business operates predominantly online, you may require seamless access to online banking facilities. Keep in mind that each service may entail additional documentation and paperwork, so it is crucial to be prepared for these requirements. 

Navigating the process of setting up business bank accounts in Sint Maarten can be quite arduous without proper assistance. That’s where our corporate services team comes in. With our in-depth knowledge of the local banking landscape and our strong network of banking partners, we can guide you through the process, ensuring that you meet all the necessary requirements and can focus on running your business smoothly. 

Banking in the Caribbean, including Sint Maarten, presents a diverse range of opportunities for individuals and businesses alike. The Caribbean banking sector continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of its customers. Whether you are a resident, investor, or entrepreneur, exploring the banking options in the Caribbean can provide you with a solid foundation for financial growth and prosperity. 

At BrightPath, we understand the importance of personalized guidance when it comes to banking in the Caribbean. Our dedicated team of experts is here to help you navigate the intricacies of the banking industry, ensuring that you make informed decisions that align with your financial goals. Book a free consultation with our team today, and let us help you explore the exciting world of Caribbean banking. With our support, you can seize the opportunities that this beautiful region has to offer and embark on a path of financial success. 

What is a Private Fund Foundation and why should you consider it as an option to protect your assets?

Every day a good number of real estate transactions happen in Sint Maarten, and do you know what most big investments have in common? A Private Fund Foundation protecting the asset. 

A Private Fund Foundation (PFF), known in Dutch as Stichting Particulier Fonds” (SPF), is a legal entity protecting assets, investments or funds. Foreigners can create and fully participate in a PFF. With no members or shareholders. 

Unlike most private foundations, the PFF can make distributions to the incorporators and others without having a social or charitable purpose. Beneficiaries, if named, can have general or limited rights. 

A PFF is formed (incorporated) by the execution of a written legal document (Foundation Deed) in front of a local civil law notary. The deed is similar to a corporate articles of incorporation as it details the purposes, objectives, initial assets, and operations of the foundation. 

A Private Fund Foundation can own real estate. However, actively buying and selling real estate may be considered a business or enterprise. Collecting rent from tenants in owned real estate is not a business or an enterprise. 

Private Found Foundations are exempt from profit taxes (corporate and income taxes). This exemption rests upon one condition: the PFF does not operate a business or an enterprise for profit. However, the law states that investment activities and acting as a holding company do not qualify as business or an enterprise. 

What are the benefits of a Private Fund Foundation in Sint Maarten?

Total Foreign Participation:  A Sint Maarten PFF can be formed by a foreign founder and have foreign beneficiaries. 

No Taxes: The PFF is totally tax exempt unless actively engaged in business or enterprise activities for profit. However, U.S. residents and everyone subject to global income taxes must report all income to their governments. 

Privacy: If beneficiaries are appointed, their names never appear in any public records. 

Time for Formation: A Sint Maarten Private Fund Foundation can be formed and registered as fast as two business days with BrightPath.

Private Fund Foundations are widely used in Sint Maarten to protect real estate assets and point specific beneficiaries, a PFF will help you protect your investment for future generations. 

Every situation is unique, and we, therefore, advise you to consult with a tax advisory firm to tailor your estate planning. We can always introduce you to our referral partners for financial advice. 

Start Today!

Start the process for your own Private Fund Foundation today. Book a consultation with our team and let us assist you in the process of incorporation, and if you want your PFF to protect a Real Estate investment, let our sister company BrightFuture Realty help you with the purchase of your dream property. 


Do you have any questions?

Contact us today to begin your journey


Planning to Relocate? Choose the Caribbean for These Reasons

In 2020, more Americans left the country than those who were born. According to estimates, some 6,000 Americans gave up their citizenship and moved abroad. If you are also among those huge number of Americans looking to relocate, choose the Caribbean.

You may have visited the Caribbean for vacation and liked the vibe. But now, as you’re thinking of immigrating to another country, consider moving to the Caribbean. And we have some solid reasons to back our advice!

Read below to find out why you should relocate to the Caribbean.

Close Proximity to the U.S.

The Caribbean is located in the south of America, and it’s fairly easy to travel to and from the states. If you want to relocate but don’t want to go too far away, then immigrating to the Caribbean may work for you.

Dual Citizenship

Caribbean countries like Antigua and Barbuda allow you to acquire a second passport without giving up your first. So if you want to play it safe and test the waters first, consider moving to the Caribbean.

Cultural Diversity

Now that we have spoken of the benefits that will help you stay connected to your roots, here’s what the future will hold. Living in the Caribbean will mean encountering multiculturalism at its best and enjoying diversity every day.

A group of happy boys on the beach

Relaxed Lifestyle

Despite the buzzing tourism industry and hustle-bustle, moving to the Caribbean will let you enjoy a relaxed and laid-back lifestyle. It’s ideal for those who want to ditch the robotic 9-5 routines and get refreshed.

Expanding Economy

If you want to start a business, then moving to the Caribbean will give you plenty of options. Some of the Caribbean countries, such as St. Maarten, have a rapidly booming economy and a lot of growth across many sectors.

Affordable Cost of Living

Living in the Caribbean is affordable and simple. If you want to enjoy sunsets, seafood, and serenity, then move to the Caribbean right away.

Tax Benefits

The Caribbean has a tax haven status, and most Caribbean countries have minimal or no income taxes. The laws vary from country to country, but you can find a tax system that best suits your needs.

Gain Residency Permit in the Caribbean

You can connect with us at BrightPath Caribbean to immigrate to the Caribbean. We can help you move to St. Maarten and five other Caribbean countries. Reach out to us for a retirement consultation or start a business in the Caribbean.

Five Most Scenic Caribbean Islands You Should Have On Your Bucket List!

Turquoise-blue water, pearl white sand, and lush palm trees. We all dream of visiting the Caribbean at least once in our lifetime. Some are lucky enough to not only visit the gorgeous Caribbean islands but also find a home to move to the Caribbean permanently.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves right away. While you may want to immigrate to the Caribbean one day in your life, now let’s talk about a much-deserved vacation to the Caribbean islands.

So how do you pick the best Caribbean islands out of the 28 countries and 750 islands? It’s simple: take inspiration from this blog and add these five stunning Caribbean islands to your bucket list. We also have a reason for you to visit each of these places!

St. Kitts and Nevis

St. Kitts and Nevis is a sister island in the Caribbean that’s known for one of the richest heritage and architectural buildings. St. Kitts and Nevis is also a golfer’s paradise as the island has a wide range of golfing activities you can indulge in. Do you want to transport yourself back to the 1800s? Visit the historical sites on this sister island.


If you want to live in the Caribbean like a free spirit, visit Anguilla. Anguilla is the dream destination for sports enthusiasts, known for some of the best water sports activities, including snorkeling and scuba diving.

Aerial view of an exotic beach resort


Belize is known for its coral reefs, buzzing nightlife, and great contemporary infrastructure. If you want to experience a luxurious vacation in the Caribbean, then Belize is the place you need to be. Offering a wide range of activities, beaches, and cuisine, Belize has it all in one place.

Antigua and Barbuda

The land of 365 beaches! Antigua and Barbuda is presumably the only island in the world with 365 beaches. So if you’re a fan of exotic scenery, delicious Caribbean cuisine, and ferry boats, head over to Antigua and Barbuda. This island will offer you both a boho-chic feel and a metropolis vibe with its unique island life.

St. Maarten

And if you ever want to move to the Caribbean for good, then visit St. Maarten once. This part Dutch and part French island is known as the Friendly Island and is a hub of everything amazing. From vibrant city life to multiculturalism, St. Maarten has everything you wish for in a place.

At BrightPath Caribbean, we offer immigration consultancy and business incorporation services. If you wish to relocate to the Caribbean and start a new life, reach out to us.

Don’t Make These Five Mistakes When Immigrating to the Caribbean!

With an affordable cost of living, peaceful and laid-back lifestyle, and temptingly exotic cuisine, living in the Caribbean is surely a dream come true. And this is why many Americans have packed their stuff in recent years and moved to a Caribbean island.

But while the dream of living on the beach and soaking in the sunshine is great to keep you up at night, there’s something you need to achieve this goal. From making solid financial plans to securing the right citizenship opportunity, immigrating to the Caribbean requires you to be diligent.

So if you have decided that the Caribbean is the land of your dreams, look at these five rookie mistakes many ex-pats make.

Don’t Undermine the Research

We get it; the idea of beaching your day away is enough to keep you motivated. But research is crucial to decide which island you want to move to, what kind of weather you’ll experience, the law and order situation, etc.

Further, Caribbean islands have multiple countries with multiple laws. So make sure to research enough to know your options.

Remember You Need to Set Goals

Living in the Caribbean isn’t just about beaches and parties. You need to consider practical goals if you’re moving to the Caribbean. You may want to consider your housing, medical insurance, and education system if you’ve small children.

For example, you may want to move to St. Maartenif you want to start a new business. Or you may want to consider Antigua and Barbuda if you want your children to avail of free education.

Woman playing with her daughter at the beach

Think Long-Term Income Source

Albeit living in the Caribbean is more affordable than in the U.S., you still need to have a steady income stream. You will need to think about long-term financial stability and start a business in the Caribbean or get a job.

Do More than Just Daydreaming

Dreaming about Caribbean life is great! But here’s what you need to do. Make financial plans, compile all the necessary documents, and choose an immigration path that best suits your interests. You also need to pick a country to know the specific immigration requirements.

Don’t Forget to Hire an Expert Consultant

Now you may think you have it under control. But the truth is that hiring a Caribbean immigration consultant will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. You can reach out to us at BrightPath Caribbean to get immigration and business consultancy and immigrate to the Caribbean without hassle.

How to Retire in the Caribbean, Everything You Need to Know About Caribbean Retirement Programs

Are you among the 36 percent of Americans who have a solid retirement plan in place? Or are you among those who wish to live to a 100 with 29 years of retirement life? Does the serenity of the Caribbean island attract you to pack your bags immediately?

If the answer to the above questions was yes, chances are you’re planning your retirement right now. Even if you want to work for another decade, starting right away to plan retirement in the Caribbean is surely a smart call!

But the process of retirement planning can be daunting and overwhelming. You want to get the best at the end of your work life but hesitate to put all your eggs in one basket. This is where this blog comes in.

Read it and learn everything you need to retire in the Caribbean.

Pick a Destination!

This is where it all starts from, right? Having a retirement destination in mind is the starting point of your retirement plan. However, you need to make a pick after asking yourself these questions:

  1. What is my top-most priority? Social life, business opportunities, tax benefits, or affordable cost of living?
  2. What will I do in my retirement life? Start a business, work remotely, or fund through my savings?
  3. How much do I have in savings to opt for a Residency by Investment Program in the Caribbean?


 A happy couple reading a book

Decide on Relocation Route

When relocating to the Caribbean, you have plenty of routes to choose from. You can opt for Residency by Investment, that’s offered by some Caribbean countries. Or you can opt for the Retirees Program, which allows you to purchase a property on a Caribbean island and apply for residency.

Hire a Retirement Consultant

Moving to the Caribbean may be daunting, but with the right retirement consultant by your side, you can find ease. A retirement consultant can help you in picking the ideal location based on your lifestyle, tax preferences, and retirement needs. Likewise, the consultant can help you in the process of applying for a residency permit in the Caribbean.

We Are Happy to Help!

BrightPath Caribbean is a retirement consultant in the Caribbean. Over the years, we have helped numerous American and Canadian clients immigrate to the Caribbean. Whether you want to retire in the Caribbean or set up an offshore company to enjoy tax benefits, reach out to us.

5 Things That Make Antigua and Barbuda an Ideal Place to Relocate to

Known as the land of 365 beaches, the islands of Antigua and Barbuda have recently garnered a lot of popularity among those looking to relocate to the Caribbean. White sandy beaches, crystal blue water, and a laid-back pristine lifestyle make Antigua and Barbuda a favorite for ex-pats and tourists.

But when making a decision as big as immigrating to the Caribbean, one needs more than gorgeous beaches and simple life, right? So here’s why we have jotted down five practical reasons that make the islands of Antigua and Barbuda a great choice to move to the Caribbean.

Lucrative Citizenship by Investment Program

Antigua and Barbuda has one of the oldest Citizenship by Investment Programs in the Caribbean. Moreover, the dual-citizenship accorded by Antigua and Barbuda allows foreigners to maintain their native country’s citizenship and earn a passport of Antigua and Barbuda. This passport can help you travel visa-free to over 130 countries!

Free, Quality Education

Antigua and Barbuda have free, mandatory education till 16 years of age and over 90 percent of students obtain it. Most schools on the island are run under the British, American, or Canadian education system. It’s safe to say that families with young kids may find Antigua and Barbuda a favorite place to move to the Caribbean due to the availability of free, good-quality education.

Excellent Healthcare

Antigua and Barbuda have remained independent territories of Britain. This is why the healthcare system on the island is highly influenced by the British healthcare infrastructure. You can find excellent healthcare facilities while living in Antigua and Barbuda.

Crystal blue water and white beach

Ideal Geographic Location

One thing that may stop you from relocating to the Caribbean is the difficulty of traveling to the U.S. or elsewhere. Located at an interesting crossroad, Antigua and Barbuda can be easily accessed from Europe or North America. And there are plenty of choices, including by air, sea, and road to travel to the island.

Cuisine, Culture, and 365 Beaches!

And lastly, one must have fun while living in the Caribbean! Antigua and Barbuda offer a diverse culture, an array of experiences, and exotic cuisine. You can choose to live in Antigua to enjoy a metropolis life with hustle-bustle. Or find a place in Barbuda to live close to nature. Anyway, you will have a new beach to visit every day for a year!

Move to the Caribbean Now

If living in the Caribbean is your lifelong dream, then get in touch with us at BrightPath Caribbean. We are a Caribbean immigration consultancy and can help you get a residence permit in the Caribbean. Talk to us today for a free initial consultation.

Caribbean Immigration 101: Your Ultimate Guide to Caribbean Relocation

In the last decade, many American families have moved to the Caribbean. Some have done so to enjoy a better quality of life, while others opted to immigrate to the Caribbean for the stability most Caribbean islands offer.

Whatever your reason for relocating may be, the process can seem a bit complicated. But if you’re determined to make this life-changing decision, you can do it!

Here is your ultimate guide to Caribbean relocation. Read, learn, and pack your bags!


Before doing anything, commence your search. During the search phase, you may want to visit a few Caribbean islands for a vacation and get the feel of it. While visiting, do some diligent research to decide three important things.

  1. Island – at this stage, you want to make up your mind about the island you want to move to.
  2. Immigration consultant – you may also want to meet a few Caribbean immigration consultantsto finalize one.
  3. Cost of living and amenities – interact with ex-pats and learn about their cost of living and their experiences regarding amenities. Different islands have different costs of living and facilities, be mindful.

Make a Financial Plan

While living in the Caribbean is cheaper than living in the U.S., one must have a financial safety plan in place. You may want to start a business, work for an employer, or continue working remotely and enjoy the tax benefits of foreign-sourced income.

Happy father and child

Learn About Healthcare System

While the Caribbean healthcare system is comparatively affordable, you still don’t want to take risks. Thoroughly look at the healthcare facilities and learn about medical insurances you need to invest in. Medicaid won’t work outside the U.S., so have your backup plan ready.

Pick an Immigration Route

Relocation to the Caribbean can be fulfilled via multiple routes. The Caribbean islands offer Residency by Investment Program, Pensioner Program for retirees, and work permits for those who want to come and work in the Caribbean. You can choose a route based on your circumstances.

Hire an Immigration Consultant

Once you have visited an island (and probably made a decision), hire a reliable immigration consultant. If you want to move to St. Maarten, you can connect with us at BrightPath Caribbean. We are a Caribbean immigration and business consultancy offering services in six Caribbean islands. We also offer services to set up a bank account in the Caribbean.

BrightPath Caribbean