How much do I need to invest to become a resident in Sint Maarten

How much do I need to invest to become a resident in Sint Maarten

BrightPath specializes in immigration services for persons who wish to relocate to Sint Maarten and the English Caribbean.  Along with our affiliate, BrightFuture Realty, we offer integrated relocation services, and our head office is based in St Maarten. Our network expands throughout the English Caribbean region. BrightPath’s immigration and relocation services are also available on the islands of Dominica, St. Kitts, and Antigua, and the country of Belize.

Minimum Investment to Become a Resident

St Maarten has remained throughout the years one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean for American, Canadian, and European nationals alike.  The French flair of Saint Martin and the variety of nightlife and entertainment of the Dutch side (Sint Maarten) offer many an island appeal, filled with activities, the safety of a low crime rate, and dazzling properties with ocean views that remain comparatively low in price to other locations.

Because of the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty, Americans require proof of a minimum amount of funds of only US$ 20,000 United States dollars.  These can be in a retirement account, money market, investment or trading account, current account, or savings account, and can remain in the country of origin.  The proof of funds is supported with recent statements in the name of the applicant and if further required, a bank reference letter confirming the tenure and average balances on the account.  This makes real estate investments for Americans particularly attractive on Sint Maarten (Dutch side), because to qualify for permanent residency, Americans do not need to make one particular investment for a pre-determined amount.  Instead, Americans can invest in real estate freely from ocean-view studios starting in the mid US$100,000 range to spectacular ocean-front villas starting at US$1,000,000 with our recommended real estate agency, BrightFuture Realty.

The collaboration with BrightPath Caribbean and BrightFuture Realty makes available to persons relocating to Sint Maarten a synchronized team offering you specialized services such as tax advisory and estate planning, immigration services, mortgage and bank account opening, and real estate sale-purchase transactions with a systematic, organized, and transparent approach.  Our experience spans over a decade and is growing rapidly in demand for persons who want to transition into island life with a team of professionals who understand the dynamics of emotions as well as the necessary steps that all form a part of this change.

For persons who do not have American citizenship, having access to a transparent immigration process and temporary residency is also of great importance. On the Caribbean island of St Maarten, BrightPath can facilitate immigration programs to cater to investors and retirees alike of all nationalities.

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A Property

For persons seeking to obtain legal residency through real estate as investors on Sint Maarten, a real estate purchase of a minimum amount of US$ 510,000 United States dollars is required before applying for residency under the Investor program. If you are a passport holder of the United States of America, under the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty, we may request legal residency before making the real estate purchase. For more information on the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty read here, and consider scheduling a free consultation with a representative of BrightPath that can provide you tailored solutions, integrating all aspects of the residency process, including real estate.

For retirees, BrightPath can provide you with tax advisory services, including an introduction to the “penshonado regime” which offers tax incentives for retirees age 50 and over who become legal residents of Sint Maarten.  For persons who are not American citizens, a real estate purchase of a minimum of US$ 255,000 United States dollars is required to secure your temporary residency which will be required to be renewed annually, without interruptions, for a minimum period of five (5) years before a request for permanent residency can be filed.  The professionalism and vast knowledge of the team at BrightPath Caribbean and BrightFuture Realty, ensure that the real estate investment and required timeframes and documentation related to your pursuit of permanent residency are a seamless and efficient process.



For American citizens that wish to relocate to Sint Maarten, under the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty, regardless of age, once the criteria have been met, the residency permit secured by BrightPath and granted by the Immigration and Border Protection Services bears no end date (the same is permanent) and allows the person to live and work freely on the island without required sponsorship from a particular employer.  Residency permits granted to American citizens do not require renewals or extensions.

If you are not an American citizen, a separate work permit must be obtained to secure employment in Sint Maarten. To learn more about work permits, click here.  Both the investor and retiree residency programs do not allow for employment on the island and in the case of the retiree program, employment is definitively restricted for immigration purposes.

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Thinking of retiring in the Caribbean? If your answer is yes, Sint Maarten has a lot to offer American citizens and our team of experts at BrightPath Caribbean and BrightFuture Realty are at your availability.  You can schedule your free, no-obligation, consultation here.

If you have already made an investment in St Maarten and you wish to explore legalizing your stay, contact the experts at info@brightpathcaribbean.com As the Caribbean region’s most recognized and trusted immigration services provider – with complete solutions all under one roof – rely on BrightPath to make your dream of living in the Caribbean a reality.

Whether you want to obtain more information about tax incentives in Sint Maarten for retirees, or asset protection and estate planning through private fund foundations, BrightPath Caribbean has the resources, knowledge, and experience to make your retirement in the Caribbean a breeze.



1. What are the minimum investment requirements for obtaining legal residency in Sint Maarten, particularly for American citizens, retirees, and investors?

For American citizens, residency in Sint Maarten can be obtained with proof of funds of as low as $20,000 USD, while investors are required to make a real estate purchase of at least $510,000 USD. Retirees need to invest a minimum of $255,000 USD in real estate to secure temporary residency.

2. How does the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty impact residency requirements for American citizens relocating to Sint Maarten?

Under the treaty, American citizens do not need to make a specific investment to qualify for permanent residency. They can freely invest in real estate, with options ranging from ocean-view studios to ocean-front villas, making the process particularly attractive for American investors.

3. What are the specific tax incentives available for retirees in Sint Maarten, and how does one qualify for them?

Retirees aged 50 and over can benefit from tax incentives under the “penshonado regime” by becoming legal residents of Sint Maarten. To qualify, retirees need to meet certain criteria outlined by the program, which can include minimum investment requirements and residency duration.

4. Can you explain the process of obtaining legal residency through real estate investment for non-American citizens in Sint Maarten?

Non-American citizens seeking residency through real estate investment in Sint Maarten must purchase property with a minimum value of $255,000 USD. Temporary residency is granted initially and must be renewed annually without interruptions for at least five years before applying for permanent residency.

5. What services does BrightPath Caribbean offer to individuals interested in relocating to Sint Maarten, and how can they assist in the residency process?

BrightPath Caribbean offers a range of services, including immigration assistance, tax advisory, real estate transactions, and more. Their team of professionals provides tailored solutions to individuals seeking residency in Sint Maarten, guiding them through each step of the process to ensure a seamless and efficient transition to island life.


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